LLETZ for CIN3 3 10 months ago and still spotting. (Also Miscarriage question)


Was wondering if anyone could help and/or was having the same thing. I had a LLETZ procedure done almost 10 months ago and since having the procedure I spot for approx 12 days prior to my period. I have had my follow up smear and they said everything is fine. Could it be that my cervix is more open from the LLETZ and my period is just starting to come away before it actually turns up?


I have also had 2 miscarriages since my lletz was performed, could this be related to the lletz, I am always told it is not related but open to opinions?

Need my mind put to rest.


Natalie x

hey, i am in the same boat, about two weeks of spotting beore every period, cant comment on the miscarriage bit though. But like you i am just told this is normal, its frustrating because i was regular as clockwork before LLETZ. My consultant suggested that it might be because i am worrying about the results.


i havent really given you any answers but just wanted to let you know that i know what it feels like.


Thanks for your reply, it's nice to know I am not alone. I have come across this happening to a lot of girls and it's pretty bad. All the consultants seem to shrug it off too which frustrates me. I am sick of bleeding for about 20 days a cycle though, it is absolutely ridiculous.


Just an update, I am 17 months post LLETZ and still spot all the time. I have since had alot of opinions and a hysteroscopy (small camera into the uterus) and nothing has been found. My gynaecologist has put it down to a hormonal imbalance. 




I can understand your frustration as I am 10 months post LLETZ. There isn't enough information given aobut this procedure and long term effects it may have on individuals.


I have been suffering with spotting in between periods, sharp pinching pain in left side, pain and bleeding after intercourse and pain in lower back. Been back and forth to GP but they seem dismissive of what it could be and seem to think that it's not related to LLETZ. I strongly believe it is as these symptoms have only started since having the procedure. 

I feel frustrated and upset with the lack of support and help that is offered after LLETZ. Sometimes I feel my GP doesn't take it seriously enough. Back again this week as pain has become worse, asking for referal to see Gyno.

I am also getting married this year and me and my partner wish to start trying for a family.. really worried it wont happen or can't but once again lack of support from GP 

Let me know if you get anywhere with your doctors!



Hello ladies,

3 months post LLETZ, regular as clockwork before and bled for 4 days each period. Last month I bled for over a week, this time I have been bleeding since Dec 28th and have still not stopped. I seem to get light bleeding before my period, then get the clots, then the heavy bleeding (with lots of cramping) then it slows down again after 3-4 days. I had my doubts about having the treatment and I am seriously wishing I had read more into it.

They scare you with the word SEVERE, railroad you into treatment that you might not actually need then leave you with problems that never existed before. I was sypmtom free before LEETZ and now I feel rubbish! Sad to read I am not alone.