Sensitive cervix after LLETZ

Hey everyone!


back in 2013 I had my first smear which came back

abnormal and a colposcopy and punch biopsy revealed CIN3 and low grade CGIN.

i had to have ' a large top hat lletz ' performed under GA.

they got it all as I had clear margins followed by a clear colp-smear in dec 13.



since having lletz I have noticed a few changes.... My colp based smear in both Dec 13 

and june 14 were VERY painful, with June's Colp not being a great success. I have also noticed 

bleeding after passing stools ( very very slight! ) not all the time, but when there's pressure applied

shall we say! Sometimes I'm a bit achy around my knicker line area at the front too.

has anyone else experienced this post LLETZ? ThInge just seem so different downstairs since.  


Hi there,

It's interesting reading your post, I thought it was just me that wasn't right after treatment. I've had 2 LLETZ and laser treatment. Whenenver I have smears/biopsies/horrible liquid stains my cervix is sensitive and stingy. I bleed now too, although the doctor did tell me that scar tissue forms.

I also don't feel right in general, I get period pain type cramps and contractions in my cervix, plus discomfort a bit like someone is touching a nerve, as well as back ache.

I just don't feel right inside and I'm a lot more aware of vagina/cervix/bowels than I ever was before. I also get strange random bleeding. I can't face the idea of a man coming near me as I feel so weird inside (sorry if TMI).

Quite frankly I wish I hadn't had my last LLETZ/laser treatment. it didn't make an difference to me (cells keeps comign back abnormal) but it's left me feeling weird and experiencing a lot of discomfort/pain.

I guess the good thing this the treatment has worked for you, but no one seems to mention that you may not feel right inside afterwards. Have you spoken to your GP about any of this? I haven't found mine very helpful, they just looked at me like I was mad.

All the best x