Light relief: unremarkable vagina!!

Just got the results from my MRI last week. Says my vagina is unremarkable in appearance which is causing hubby and I great amusement!
In seriousness, I might have a lymphocele, anyway have any knowledge of this? And my scan also shows multiple gall stones!! But I’m not having symptoms of that so just need to see gp.

I want an unremarkable vagina!!!!!! Lol


I can't help you on your other issues but we'll done on your vagina. X x 

Ooh what I'd give for an unremarkable vagina! The husband would prefer one of those too I have no doubt!


Hi Blackberry does unremarkle mean normal I must check my notes because i am nearly sure i saw the word remarkable lol on a serious note go see about your gallstones. I had my gallbladder removed when I was 31 I cant even describe the pain i had, I was begining to think I was having an affair with my GP as he was never away from house giving me pain relief injections. If you mention your Vagina you will get in quicker lol Keep in touch Hugs xx

Hahahaha Kumagill!  I will see my doc but I don't have symptoms. Since reading up a bit I've discovered many more people have gall stomps without symptoms than do have pain etc, so they're left. Doubt I'll need treatment, certainly not at the present time ☺