2nd check up


I had my second 3 month check today after abdominal trach in December 2016. 

I have been referred by my gp to get an ultra sound as I went a couple of weeks ago as I had new pains that were more intense and with a stabbing feeling. My gynaecologist has sent me for an MRI too. She obviously doesn't want it to be anything at all but then I wonder why I'm getting this pain coupled with burning and pinching pains. Is this normal? She didn't really say. 

I was doing well before my appointment but had a list of questions and then got a bit overwhelmed. I would rather have taken the whole day off work as it can  quite tough mentally to go back into work and be all smiley. Can't take time off though really as I work in a school. 

Just wonfering if anyone else has had a similar experience at all?

Hi Misstell :-)

Sorry to see nobody has got back to you on this one. I hope you're OK? I'm afraid I can't be much help here but to say that I am pleased you have been sent for an ultrasound. I can't imagine having to go through this and still appear cheery at work!

Be lucky :-)

Thank you Tivoli. 

Just awkwaed as mu current work don't know about it. 

Hoping to get the bottom of the pains but not been reassured eother way by the gyno so guess wait and see. I am sure others have had a more difficult experience the pain isn't awful but I just want to know what is causing it x 

Hi Misstell - sorry to hear about this.

Have you had any updates?

Take care and good luck xxxx

Hi, I went for an ultra sound and the dr said it looked fine but to book a follow up with gp for a weeks time - which your post just reminded me I have not done! OOPS! Too busy at work. I have an MRI soon so hopefully it is all ok x

Glad to hear - hope your appointment with GP goes okxxx

Thank you have my appointment tomorrow morning - surprised they had an appointment but my dr is quite near a university so maybe quieter with all the students away. xx