Hi all.

Well had some chemo the other day. And went into anaphylatic shock.
Had about 10 nurses and doctors around me. Was ok after tho. Felt as tho I was going to burst . Went boiling…

On another note I got rid of him yesterday.
He’s now throwing everything back in my face. And slaging me off over Fb.
Which is stressing me and going me a pain in my chest.

Apart from that hope you all ok


Hello secora 

well good news is that everything was ok after some crazy business with chemo. Have they indicated if you will continue with the same course or will they alter the chemo?

i am very proud of you for standing up for yourself and finding the courage to rid yourself of someone who is nothing but selfish. Don't worry about fb. Anyone who knows you or even the situation wouldn't even think twice. In fact he has just proved/showed everyone how much of a jerk he trully is. Anyone who would say bad things about someone going through what you are only justiflies why he is now alone. Stay offline, don't worry yourself over such nonsense. Fb is worse then google. 

Now, look ahead, use that same courage and strength to beat your cancer, after all you just removed the biggest tumour ever!!!!!

big hugs girl

chin up, brighter days are in your horizoN

Hiya Lollipop. 


You make me smile.


Yes there going to slow it down the next lot so I will be in the chair for 4 and a half hours instead of 3.

I have to take some steriods and anti allergic drugs 24 hours before also.

Then they will give me extra while having the chemo on the day.

Crazy isn't it the reaction to a drug like that.


You are very right about him and face book.


Yes onwards and upwards I have to now hun..

I shall very much get through this now and with him gone.

No more egg shells walking lol

How are you doing anyway. I never ask am sorry.

Love and hugs xxx

Hi secora

im doing very well except for the odd little niggles that come and go. Mostly sore feet and ankles but nothing that seems to bad concidering what I have been through.

It amazes me when I see younger girls that still live at home and have no kids complaining of different ailments and seem like they are having so many health issues(I know everyone is different) but in my head I think "really?!?"  They will complain how tired and sore and stressed they are and I just politely smile and tell them it will be ok but in truth I don't have much sympathy. Then I come online and hear from all these ladies who are dealing with so much yet they seem to manage even with all the side affects and stuff. Funny how life is.....

i get my results of my second scan on May 5th and I'm just not thinking too much or else I start to worry. I have adapted the mentality of "whatever happens I will just have to deal with" additude. One day at a time. 

my chemo days were very long. From start to finish I was at the clinic from 8am until 2-3pm and had the hour drive there and back so you are not alone. Take that time to relax as much as possible. I always found that watching a movie to escape was really helpful. I didn't mind having the steroids other then I had trouble sleeping but I found I could accomplish so much being pumped up. When my steroids ran out I was very sluggish. 

Keep us all posted to let us know how you are getting on. Don't look back, stay positive and the strength will keep growing. 


Hiya Lolli.


Ha. I think that also about people.  Oh this aches that aches. I lost a finger nail.


We are all brave strong woman on here. It amazes me what we go through.

Wow long days for you as well...Yes those steriods are something. Do you find yourself a bit agitated when you come off them also?

They sleeping I only had that problem once. I find for the first few days the food taste like cardboard..

I have a thing for eating spicy foods tho seems to help my stomach sometimes. They say don't eat spicy stuff tho.

Driving do you feel ok when driving etc after chemo?

They give me a car there and back so am pretty glad about that.

Am so thankful I have my 3 boys.

And dreading Thursdays chemo tho.

I have to go up on Tuesday and pick up the steriods and the allergic tablets 

Hugs s xxxxx 


lolli is amazing isn't she she knows all the right words 

I was just going to add about the anti histamines when I was going through chemo rads there was a lady who had the same as you and she had to have piriton before chemo 

not  sure what happened with your partner but reading I think you are well rid well done you and stay off face book and remember words don't hurt your stronger than that I mean look how strong you are going through treatment 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 



I had the chemo reaction too,the heat is incredible eh? I was covered in a raging red rash as well,my friend called me Pongo for a week haha. 

Glad you got rid of your waste of space,concentrate on you now.

Tracey x

Hi Secora Fox Well done in getting rid of the creep. Your life will be far easier now. Be fussy from now on. You'll get over this cancer and your whole life will be ahead of you. Make sure the next guy is the giving kind. Pleased for you. Jayne

Hi jayne.

Thank you I feel a bit more relaxed now and no walking on egg shells.

I promise to be fussy lol.

I can't wait to get it all over and done with. 

You ok?

Hugs secora xx

Hi Tracey. 


God it was scary and I am not afraid of anything usually.

Had another lot of treatment yesterday but they slowed the chemo down and gave me shed loads of steriods. 

Are little bodies go through a lot don't they.


Haha at being called pong. 


Why I thank you young lady. Do feel a lot better over it. Xx

Hugs secora xx

Yes I'm all good. Back at work. Going on a date a bit nervous. We are meeting at a lighthouse cafe down the beach. I've been on quite a few dates recently, internet dating and the like. I usually mention I'd had cancer and they don't even bat an eyelud. It's irrelevant to them. I'm here now, I look well and that's enough for them. You can overthink these things. Haven't met the right guy yet. I'm fussy as he'll need to stand by me. Couldn't care less about loojs or money - doesn't mean a thing. 

Hiya Janyne.


How's it going?

How was your date? The lighthouse sounds wonderful.

That's great new you are back in work also.  I am very jealous. 

Can't wait till I am either.

It's good these men don't worry. See there are some nice ones out there huh. Thank God. 


Hugs s xxx