Chemo . radio

Hi all.


As some of you know I have stage 2b cerivcal cancer. 

Also they found a node in my lung. Anyway it's been treated  with chemo for the past few weeks. All going good on that it's shrinking it anyway.

I don't have to have that chemo no more. And I can finally start on the normal treatment now of the 25 radiotherapy  and the 5 lots of chemo.

Which starts tomorrow. Been a long time coming this has and the waiting. Felt so angry sometimes as she wanted me to have the chemo for my lung first. But now I finally start this tomorrow.


Why I am so nervous I dont know have had chemo already. And gone into anaphylatic  shock as some of you know also through the chemo. And had to be put on a desensitisation programme. 


Secora x

Fingers crossed  tomoz  goes  well  it will soon  b all over xx

Hi There lady,

i have been wondering how you have been getting on? so, you have finished the appitizer and are moving on to the main course and are feeling nervous about how you might react. This is totally normal, it's scary as hell, but we all manage to find what we need to get through it. 

the radiation will not really effect you right away. For most of us it does take a couple of weeks before it kicks in but even if you feel the effects sooner just mention to your team and they will help you. Do make sure you are getting rest as your body has already been torn up by the chemo. 

Hopefully the new chemo will not be as bad as it is more of an adjevant therapy to assist the radiation. 

Try to stay strong. You are not alone we are all here for you!!!

sending the biggest of hugs 

Hi Secora,

you're not on your own....I start tomorrow too and I'm getting really nervous about it! It's been such a long wait, I'm sick of discharge and pain after the lletz and have been desperate to start treatment but now d-day is looming I'm getting scared and suddenly have loads of questions! Good luck tomorrow xxx

And I can't wait helpme. 

Thanks hun xx Hope you ok? Xxx

Hiya hun.

Hope all good?

Yep sure have lol funny really the way you put it.

Was a bit over wheeled on Monday.  Such a long day.

Aww you know me I hate to bother anyone on here. As you know it's just me and the boys now no family or friends.

Always trying to stay positive.  Think it was a shock they was finally letting me start on the normal stuff hun thank goodness


Hiya hun.

How has your first week gone. And thank you. Are you doing ok 

Yeah it's a scary road. But hey we are woman and we will get through it. Yeah am fed up with discharge and pads. 

Been a hard few months etc.  

Hugs xxx