Treatment results update

So i saw my consultant yesterday after 2 rounds of having chemo and another mri and couldnt beleive what he told me


i have no cancerous tissue left! Yay

this is far from the end of my fight as i do have the rare small cell cancer so they are still blasting these aggressive cells that i have but its more about making sure thay do not attack anywhere else as to trying to be cancer free

 He also couldnt believe that i hadnt lost all my hair. I did have bad hair loss and it did get to the point where i thought just shave it off (it made me feel dirty when it stook to my body in bath and on pillow/ clothes but it slowed down after two weeks and i do have lots of hair so i might just keep it.

he also just couldnt believe how well i have coped with all this aggressive chemo i have had. He is really proud and stunned as to how my body has reacted.

i came out the room and just burst into tears with being overwhelmed by the good news i wasnt expecting.


the fight still continues and chemo radiotherapy starts mon for 7 weeks and then another two rounds of chemo after that but it finshes 2 weeks before christmas which i am so pleased about as hopefully i will feel abit more normal and be able to have a great xmas in my new house with my now complete family (not through choice but hey im cancer free)

 I feel so good today wupee! 

That's great news! One step closer :) 


Amazing news! Congratulations xxx

Wow that’s incredible news :slight_smile: it’s so amazing what they can do with treatments. Enjoy the weekend with a smile on your face…and best of luck for the remainder!

Take care xxx

So lovely to hear some good news - I think more people should try and post on their 'good days'.

Good luck for the next part of your fight.

Katy x

What fantastic news well done you, keep up this fighting spirit the cancer has gone yipee.

Loads of love



Fabulous news!!
So pleased for you and how you are coping with the chemo. You must be built of stern stuff to cope with all that so well done you. Your positivity at this point is very welcome to read too.
Hope further treatment is as bearable.
Don x

Great news xx

Brilliant news, so so pleased for you.  Great to hear some good news. Wishing you all the best for the remainder of the treatment.


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