Leep procedure

Hi. I am

new to this forum

and I would be very grateful if someone could advise me . I have had abnormal cells after 5 years of bleeding pain fainting etc. Two years ago in between my periods I had a 90 day heavy bleed. I was advised to continue taking my pill without a break to stop the bleeding due to suspected endo whichwas

never followed up last year due to covid. I have been referred elsewhere for colposcopy. The doctor took a punch biopsy and came back as cin3 . Leep or loop not sure which one is correct was arranged and after everything wasfine. Had test of cure came back negative. However i am still bleeding one year after this loop excirsion procedure. The bleeding is every day and I also have awful back ache. I am more weak physically. It's mentally draining. Has any one been through a similar experience? I went to see gynae today, a new lady as my previous one left. Felt slightly uncomfortable after I wanted to tell her my history of how this started and show her photos i took of the blood  but shE kept saying she doe not want to know and let's sort out the bleeding. What are other ladies' opinions or experiences? Anyone had bleeding long after this procedure? Could it be abnormal

cells again? The doctor looked inside using the clear instrument. Should she have used a coloscope? I am only asking

as my gp dis this in the very beginning

of this experience years back and was told same what i got told today. Your cervix looks lovely and

healthy. And obviously wasn't . I am very anxious I may

have worded all this in strange way so my apologies. I just need someone to share if they had similar experience. Thank you for reading