Laprascopic hysterectomy

Good afternoon, just wanting some advice if possible! I’ve been to see my gynae consultant this morning, I’ve been booked in for a 2 week wait laparoscopic hysterectomy. I had stage 1a1 cervical cancer almost exactly 3 years ago today. It was completely treated with lletz. Since then I’ve been having bleeding every few weeks, pain after intercourse with bleeding and a tender pelvis area. Even when I need a wee I have to rock forwards and backwards so I completely empty my bladder. My last mri scan showed cysts/adhesions in my urethra. Consultant today said my cervix looked normal today but when doing the internal examination then talked about a hysterectomy. I’m not wanting anymore children so hysterectomy I’m ok with. Has anybody else experienced this? Wondering if he’s felt something but didn’t want to say there and then? I was quite anxious today and on my own. Maybe I’m overthinking? Thank you for reading x