Hello everyone,

Im going through a very stressful time having had the results of my biopsy in. These are the results:

I'm HPV 16 positive and been diagnosed with cin2-3 (HSIL) ,the results also say that there are two small irregular fragments that together measure 

0,3cm. Im wondering whether these are the precancerous cells? Doctor, who was quite abrupt by the way but no problem we all have different personalities, said she couldnt do a LLETZ as the area was too large so she recommended me a Cone biopsy under a general anesthesia. She also said if they dont get rid of everything, they operate again and if it keeps coming back eventually they suggest removing the uterus. She said, best to do it soon and now before it is too late for us to even operate. Do these results mean I have precancerous/cancerous cells? Im 38, have never

had children and would like one day very soon.I'm wondeirng whether someone has had this done and whether this operation is really necessary , i was hoping for a LLETZ as it is less invasive. Do most women with CIN2-3 test positive for high risk HPV types ?

Thank you ladies and keep checking , I was given all clear for CIN1 and all clear only back in May 2014 and come Agust 2014 citology was already HSIL. 


Cin refers to pre cancerous cells that could turn into cancer if left untreated, 



d x

May I ask what made you go back in August after your May was all-clear?