Just came back from lletz...


As I was writing yeaterday I was in a very good mood and very positive about going to my treatment.... I even had a one moment where I think "My mood is too good to be true, something will go wrong..." But that was a moment only. My mood really high..

But... unfortunatelly despite my positive attitude it didnt go the way I expect...

As I went to hospital I had a chat with nurse who explained me everything and i had my blood pressure checked. Then I found myself on chair waiting for procedure, which nurse said will take only 5 minuts.  The other nurse was keeping me busy taking with me while the other done injection to apply anasthetic. And this is where all started to go wrong. I did not expect that at all. I didnt feel actual injection, any sting or anything like that, I didnt feel it at all. But reaction of my body was instant. It feels like it goes straight to my head, I warned nurse immediately that I am fainting, and that was it.  Procedure couldnt be carried out. Worst and most scary part of it was that my hands and legs started to feel numb. On one side I felt it was a shame that they couldnt finish it of on the other side I am thinkin - maybe thats what supposed to happen - maybe it will never turn to cancer and I dont need to procedure. I do believe that everything happen for reasons. So despite what happen I do not feel down.

As I did not wanted to book to have it done under GA either I asked if there are any other options for me. Nure said my abnormal area is small and she can not see anything dangerous in it, but as I didn have biopsy done they cant rule out anything and I should have at least biopsy done. BUT. If I have so bad reaction to injection how can let them do it? Omg.  So in the end she decided to book me in august to see senior doctor, senior colposcopist to have consultation with and discuss if it will be safe for me to just to wait and watch. So I ll do that for now.

I decided as well I will try natural therapy with neuropath doctor. I contacted one of the best neuropath in London and he said he is pretty confident that he can help reversing my cin as he done it before and it was quite easy. I done lot of reaserches before and I do believe it can help. The reason why I did not decided to do it before was becouse I was thinkin surgery will be just quicker. But now in this situation I feel I have nothing to loose. Anyway I will be waiting now for my consultation in august so instead of sitting and doing nothing I will try this natural therapy :) Still feeling very positive.

I hope my story didnt put of anyone,everyone is diffrent, everyone react diffrent. Well my cervix certainly doesnt like to be touched !!  ...for sure not by needles ! :))

 And very important message to you all --->Don’t let the attitude of worried individuals contaminate your mind. Concern from doctors and loved ones is genuine, but feelings of fear and worry will become toxic and effect your healing process. There is no room for any negativity! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are diagnosed with dysplasia do not let anyone (including your medical doctor) evoke panic in you. Concern is usually genuine but being around those who are in constant worry or expecting a negative outcome will effect you with their toxic thinking.




You don't have to have an injection just to have a biopsy taken. I certainly didn't. It's hard for the doctors to know what they are dealing with if they can't take a biopsy so my suggestion if you don't want to have the lletz would be to just have a biopsy without anaesthetic so they can make sure you don't have anything that could progress to cc? It's obviously up to you what you decide to do but given my experience I do feel very concerned for you if you don't even let them try and find out whether the abnormalities are something to worry about. I was told I had cin 3 only and found out after my lletz that it was cancer. If I had refused the lletz, the cancer would eventually have spread and everything would be much more complicated. This is why I feel concerned for you when you know there are abnormalities. Good luck whatever you decide to do and keep us updated. I trust the doctors will be able to keep you fully informed :) xxx


Thank you for your response. I understant your concern. I know biopsy is done without anesthetic. But in my thinkin, If I had so bad reaction to needle being inserted in my cervix  I cant think that my reaction to biopsy will be ant better.

I am angry with one thing right now. When I first came to have colposcoply done, before the examintion, nurse was holding my smmear test results in hand and she said to me very confident "This is not a cancer ". Ok. I believed her. Now, yesterday (2 months later) I came to have treatment done, had chat with other nurse which looked on picture from previous examination and said "It does not look here like anything dangerous BUT untill we have biopsy we cant rule out cancer" . So how shall I call the other nurse now? A lier? Why they doing that? That really make me angry. 

Anyway I didnt undergo treatment and waiting for second opinion in august.


Hi puki, sorry to hear about your lletz, especially after you had such a positive attitude towards it. Did they say your abnormal cells were low grade? If so, I don't think it's uncommon to wait 6 months anyway. If my colposcopy had been low grade thats what I wd have done. Out of interest, what natural remedies are u going to try? What the nurses say can be so confusing- it's like they say it's not cancer then check themselves cos they can't be 100% sure. I reckon u have good odds of it being ok (not cancer!) in 6 months tho. I didn't have biopsy either as woman before me fainted!

I know it's a very difficult situation for us women. I too was told it's not cancer but I don't feel that doctor lied to me it was just a case of from the information they had cancer was not detected. I wish you all the best :) xxx

I have wrote a long reply to your post "cin 2 cin 3 lletz". I wrote there about  my new diet etc. Pls read it.

My smear came as high grade dyskaryosis, in first colposcopy nurse said its not a cancer and abnormal area is small and changes are moderate. That is all I know up to today. And I dont think I would find out more as I am not going to put myself through biopsy, it was quite traumatic experience yesterday. I am booked next week to see naturopathic dr and will start his treatment. lets see how it goes....


have a good day

ask me if u have any more question , I am happy to talk to you :)))

Yes, but saying to patient "It is not a cancer" while she know very well they dont know that until biopsy results come , is not right way to say.


I wish you all the best and will pray for your good health.



Sorry, puki, I must have missed ur post- will look now. Have been all over the place lately! All the very best xxx

Hi all

I agree actually that this process can be very confusing and full of ups and downs - I had a severe abnormality smear result, then on colposcopy I was told "don't worry nothing to worry about doesn't look that bad".  Biopsy came back confirmed CIN3 though although the doctor stated "no cancer" on my letter.  Had Lletz 9 days ago and afterwards they said there was a chance the cells removed could contain cancer!  So now I'm worried again.

I understand that these things have to be done and analysed in stages but I don't think they should say anything about cancer or grading of CIN until they are sure

Good luck everyone



I have also found it can be so confusing - if you look at my history below you'll see each 'test' has shown a different result, both biopsies were 'inconclusive' and so it's really not nice waiting to see the outcome of each test. I would say it's definitely worth having a biopsy - I don't think any injection is required for a biopsy. I just had to give a quick cough and there was a slight pinch whilst it was done. Maybe it's worth doing that just to see what the results show? I too find the procedures quite upsetting - I have never cried as much as I did during my first colposcopy.. and then at my lletz treatment yesterday I really tried my best to remain calm, taking deep breaths whilst tears were streaming down my face! It's not nice at all, but it is so quick that I feel it's definitely worth the unpleasantness. 
I too am making adjustments to my diet, mainly in terms of supplements. I went to a health food store and bought a variety of vitamins and tablets. But I'll take these in addition to the treatment. I hope that the consultation in August goes well and that you're able to decide the best course of action - fingers crossed the diet changes also help (I'll take a read of the post you mentioned where you detailed this.)


Aug 2013 - turned 25, clear smear result

Jan 2015 - smear taken as part of routine 'full body' health check-up - results show HPV 16 high risk, and CIN 1 confirmed
Jan 2015 - colposcopy, CIN 2 confirmed, biopsy taken - results inconclusive, return in 6 months for another colposcopy
July 2015 - 6 mth repeat colposcopy - abnormal cells seen, biopsy taken, and smear
July 2015 - smear results show HPV 16 moderate changes, biopsy result inconclusive (again) - lletz carried out. 
Awaiting results, due in 2 weeks