Noone to talk to after Lletz

Hi guys, 


I just had my first smear test after turning 25. Came back with questioned high abnormality. I didn't want to wait for the public system so I was seen 2 days later in a private hospital in Dublin. Had two punch biopsies taken. 5 weeks later i'm back getting my Lletz treatment. The two biopsies came back CIN II and CIN III. I knew everything there was to know about the Lletz procedure before I went in so was extremely calm.

I'm a nurse so quite used to the overall system of these procedures. I stupidly felt like this meant I was immune to worry. Then when it got to the actual procedure I got extremely tense, my Dr, who is absolutely lovely and very calming told me he could tell I was trying to convince myself I was fine. The worst part of the whole procedure was the shaking from the local Anaesthetic, I actually found it much easier than the biopsies. 

Since i've gotten home i've become strangely emotional about it. Last night I burst into tears 3 or 4 times and I don't even know why. He told me i'd probably have no pain but sitting is still too uncomfortable. I'm really glad to have found this site because my mom worries too much to talk to her about all of this, and most of my friends get irritated and just say 'You'll be fine, don't worry". 

He said he feels there is clear borders and that he got everything but there's still that slight worry it'll come back cancerous. Fingers crossed that it'll be good news on friday. I'm so grateful for this site and being able to read peoples own stories. It can be very lonely when there's few people you can talk to, this makes me feel a lot less isolated. 

Hi there! Hope your feeling a little better just for posting on here - its certainly helped me. I think sometimes we try too hard to be ok and it just catches up with us (well that seems to be whats happenig to me). Chin up and best of luck for Friday:-)

Hi Hun,

Sorry to hear your feeling abit down. 

If it helps any, I think what your feeling is pretty normal. 

im not phased in the slightest by internal examinations etc & had my first smear done fine yet after my colposcopy which again I was very comfortable throughout, I walked out of the room & was quite emotional for a few days & felt quite violated. 

I reacted the same again after my hysteroscopy. 

I think a lot of it is to do with the massive relief in the procedure being over & then the worry of what comes next. 

This site is great for speaking to others who have been in your position & gaining some advice. 


Thank you, both of you :) Glad i'm not alone. Feel better having read a lot more posts on here. Still feeling a little sorry for myself given sitting down is very uncomfortable but I know it'll ease off in the next few days and I can get back to my normal routine. Still occasionally getting a little emotional but it's only ben 24 hours.

Lletz biopsy came back CIN 2 with clear margins. So relieved. Checkup in 6 months. Best of luck to everyone still waiting for results x