It's going to be 5 weeks since diagnosis of CIN3

I was diagnoised with HSIL 2 and a bit weeks ago, I was supposed to have my colposcopy on OCT 1st but my body didn't cooperate and my period

started the night before so they had to reschedule me and the soonest appointment they had was another 3 weeks away. My gynae wasn't happy but that's all they could do for me

I am so worried seems I have high grade changes and it's going to be 5 weeks since the HSIL was found to colposcopy.

I called my GP who knows another Dr who can perform the Colp but she's on leave and the soonest she could get me in would be the end of NOV.


Is this to long of a wait? I keep wondering if this could change to CC by the time I finally get in, I know they say it's a slow process but I have gone from negative smears since the age of 18so that's 9 regular smears and a colposcopy at age 31 for a different reason with a biopsy which were also negative and an extra 3 smears because of that so that's 12 smears and biopsies to HSIL in less than 18 months. I am also HPV negative and always have been which is really odd too so I am more anxious.
I already suffer from anxiety and this is making it so much worse. I am spending so much time with my 3 children ( 7, 2 and 9 months ) and it's got to the point I kept our 7 year old home from school because I have I am convinced I have CC and they need as many good memories of me. Silly I know and I'm already on anti anxiety meds.