advice. ..

I had a colposcopy and lletz procedure a few days ago.

Doctor could see three small areas of suspected cin2/3 changes so she removed these and told me that it's all been removed and doesn't 'look' cancerous. 

Trouble is I'm still in a complete melt down waiting for results to see if I have cancer and if I'm going to be able to have children. 

Does it seem unlikely,  from only having a small affected area, and the doctor saying is all been removed that I could still have invasive cervical cancer?  

Hiya, sorry you are going through this the waiting is absolutely awful! 


If the consultant said it doesn't look like cancer and she has removed all the cells then I would say chances are it's not CC 

they usually have a pretty good idea at the colposcopy weather something doesn't look right, having a meltdown is all well known especially giving the circumstances it's all normal to feel

the way you do, did the doctor say how long it would be for your results? 


I think she said around 4 weeks,  which seems like forever right now!

We have so much going on at the moment, planning a big move down to Cornwall in May from West mids,  got engaged a week before I received my smear results and have had to put a course I was doing on hold to become a personal trainer due to the no exercise thing and the stress this has caused me.

Feeling so down that this should be such a happy time in my life and it's blighted by the wait to know if I have cancer.

Sorry to seem so negative, just finding it so hard to deal with. 


There is no need to apologise whilst waiting try to keep as busy as you can, 

im awaiting my biopsy results to see what treatment I need they told me it would be 4-6 weeks but they have my results so iv waited a week so far not that

anyone is telling me what my results are it is very frustrating! 

If the consultant thought for one minute you had CC she wouldn't of said she doesn't think so they use the phrase because they can never be 100% until the results are back

but from what you've said I would say it's very unlikely 



I think the waiting is the worst part isn't it! Thanks for replying,  I hope you get your results soon too.  Xx