Insurance Claim


Wasn't sure where to post this, so apologies if this isn't the right place - has anyone claimed against critical illness insurance after cervical cancer diagnosis, and if so, did you encounter any problems, or was it fairly plain sailing? I had a quick look on the Macmillan practical issues forum, and it seemed very mixed as to how people had got on with cancer claims in general.


Hey. I had critical illness insurance and claimed really thinking it would be rejected as these policy's have had some bad press. I filled in a few forms, they wrote to my consultant to confirm diagnosis and then they paid out! It only took about 4 weeks if that. So pleasantly surprised. My policy is now cancelled so I need to check what I need to do about insurance going forward. I hope that helps xx 



I also had critical illness cover. Took a while to sort out but that was down to my consultant not filling in the forms rather than company questioning the claim.

Its a bit of a double edged sword - you get the money but you lose your peace of mind:((

I have also looked into protecting myself for life cover in the future and the quotes are ridiculous until you reach the 5 year milestone ......

Best wishes

Kath xx