Critical illness won’t pay

Hi all
I have stage 1a1 and have critical illness cover.
However apparently I can’t claim or will likely be unsuccessful as i had hpv at start of policy and this is apparently an ‘associated factor’
Anyone else been denied?

That would be a very convenient way of getting out of paying most claims for the illness. Have you looked at the terms and conditions? Not really sure where the best place for advice is but you could start with citizens advice

Thanks. I’m definitely going to look into it further.

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Best of luck

Mine paid out for 1b1 - they said if it was early stage cancer that resulted in me having my cervix removed - hysterectomy they would pay out - and they did

Might depend on whether the fact you had HPV was underwritten in the insurance? Just a suggestion, I’m not an expert.


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Hi Zena. Did you ever get anywhere with this?

Still in the process of waiting to here wether i will need to try the independent ombudsman service.

Reminds me of that “pre-existing condition” bs they did away with awhile back. How would they know exactly when hpv came into the picture. However I look at it it’s bs. They should pay regardless of the illness, that’s the whole pt of investing in extra coverage. Can’t get any lower than a co. Looking for reasons not to pay when you’re already traumatized the the critical illnesss. I hope they get class action suit and go out of business !