Critical Illness Cover

Hi there


My wife has recently been diagnosed with CC 1a2 or 1b1 (Waiting for MDT to determine).  She is going to be heving a radical hysterctomy at some point in the New Year


We have just put a claim in with our critical ilness insurance (Legal & General) and was wondering if any of you have any experience of this


If they pay out it means that we will have the financial stability of not having to worry about my wife being off work while she recovers.


I don't trust insurance companies to not try and wangle their way out of things


Thanks in advance

Hi rob,

hope you are both ok, it's a lot to take in at first.

i am currently in the middle of a claim so I can't tell you if it's been successful or not just yet, mine Is also with L&G and I know it has to be invasive which is stage 1 and above so theoreticly it should go through as should mine. I spoke with my McMillan nurse who said that she has experience of doing the paper work on these things and she is confident I should see mine paid out. I'm stage 1a as my 'tumour ' was 3.2mm x 2mm

im hoping it won't be much longer now and I will let you know once I hear back.

good luck with everything 

Sarah xx



Hi Rob

I hope you and  your wife are  coping well with her diagnosis.  Once the decision is made regarding dates  it strangely becomes a bit easier.

I had a successful critical illness claim in 2012 with Scottish Widows.

They were very helpful in chasing the oncologist to fill in the required forms. In my case carcinoma in situ was not covered but any invasive stage , however slight was covered. You are right it gives peace of mind financially whilst your wife is recovering but I do recall I was back at work before the payment was made. Badger her oncologist to fill the forms in!

Best wishes to you both


Hi rob

I had a successful claim through royal London. I had stage 1a1 and they paid out straight away with no problems. The claim went through within a few weeks, it helped that my consultant filled the forms in quickly. All they wanted was confirmation it was an invasive cancer and of course no pre existing problems.

I hope the claim is successful and of course your wife recovers quickly

Anne x

Hi there. Thanks for all the advice. We are still waiting for our consultant to reply to the insurers. I will chase them up at our next appointment. 


Yes it all hangs on the consultants confirmation letter that ur wife has invasive cancer, which both 1a and 1b are. So be patient and wait. Our letter took weeks.... but once they had it, it was all quick from there.

I wish ur wife lots of luck with her operation xxx and the recovery afterwards xxx