Inadequate smear and period problems

I recently had a smear test done and this came back as inadequate. Even when the nurse did the test she noticed that my cervix bled when the brush touched it and she said that I may have to come back. I stopped taking the pill two years ago and have since been told that taking the pill can affect your cervix and not only this my cycles have gotten longer and longer apart. I have just had my period after a gap of 96 days even though the doctor says it's normal as long as you have a period. I am worried that my smear test was inadequate so now I have to go for a follow up one and the fact that my cycle seems to be getting longer and longer even though I have been off the pill now for 2 years? can anyone help or is anyone suffering with the same thing? Thank you :) 

Hi Beckster

Im worried mine is going to come back the same. I was in pain as soon as she put spatcula in and bled loads. She said they may come back inadequate.

Worse part is waiting for the results