Inadequate smear

Hiya, im new on here but I do hope that someone will be able to help me with my question. I recently went for a smear test and the nurse noticed that I had some cervical erosion. She asked me if I was on the pill but I said not at the moment. I did take it for 17 years and stopped taking it over 2 years ago. When she tried to do my smear she said that she noticed that when she touched my cervix with the brush it bled a quite a bit and she did say it might cause an inadequate smear test sample. It did come back as inadequate and now im worried. She asked me if I bled after sex or inbetween periods and I said no to both of them. I normally bleed slightly after a smear test but despite the slight cervial erosion I didn't bleed this time and now I am concerned that something is wrong. The nurse did mention if I have a series of inadequate tests I will be referred for a colposcopy and to be quite honest this scares the living daylights out of me. Has anyone else been told that they have a cervical ectropion (erosion) and not bled after a smear, after sex or inbetween periods? I just find this unusual. Help please!

Heya I'm glad I saw your post as I am going througth almost the same thing as you.

last tuesday I went to my repeated smear (my first was last year and had borderline changes) the nurse that examined me saw that I may be experiencing cervical erosion as my cervix looked very pink and as she took the speculum out there was blood.. sorry if this is tmi.. because of the cervical erosion my nurse has referred me back to colposcopy regardless of the results of my smear test. 


Im not going to lie I am nervous to go back to colposcopy as the first one I had done I found quite painful.


i am just waiting in limbo for my smear results and I am worried that things may have got worse in a year it's just this wait that is the worst part. 

This is only my second smear so I haven't experienced inconclusive results but I hope this may of helped a bit, I do apologise if it hasn't. 




Hey Laura,

i found your post helpful cos I have never had an inadequate smear before. I am sorry that you are nervous about a colposcopy :( when the nurse did my smear she said I bled quite a bit and I kind of knew then that I would be back again. She told me that if it's three inadequate smears that you are sent for a colposcopy? It is horrible when you don't know what is going on one way or another so I sympathise with you and hope that things turn out okay for you. I am due to go back for my repeat smear in July and I just hope that it's not inadequate again!

Heya :)

yeah the first colposcopy I had wasn't the most pleasant things in the world and just nervous of having another one

the wait for results or tests dayes is the worst I just want to know now for peace of mind

i didn't now that if you had inconclusive results 3 times they send you for colposcopy at least you know they are looking into things further for you. 

Fingers crossed that your next smear in July goes smoothly and you mange to get a result! 


Apparently it's three times then off for a colposcopy. Thank you for your kind words and I hope they can get a decent result this time!

Aww bless ya :)

wishin you the best of luck that you get results even if it isn't results you wanted at least it wouldn't be inconclusive 


Thank you I really appreciate that. Even if it is bad news i know that my hubby will support me. Hope you get good results too when yours come through :)

Thank you :) 

good luck! 


Once I have had my results back in July/August I will let you know how I get on :)

Cool cool :) 

and as I get my results and results from colposcopy I'll let you know aswell :) 



Hey, I just got my results from my smear, I too have inadequate results so have to go back for another repeat smear in 3 months.. I have got my colposcopy date through for 21st June

I hate the waiting around :(


Isn't it frustating when it comes back inadequate. Hope that you go on okay with your colposcopy. My follow up is smear is on 31st July so im crossing my fingers that isn't inadequate aswell. Thank you for letting me know how you got on btw :)

Hey :)

No worries, I just hate all of the waiting around, think this is the worst bit of it. 

I have to go for my next smear in August just hope this doesnt come back as inconclusive again!