Inadequate biopsy results

Hi, hoping this is the right place to post. I just called the colposcopy clinic and the receptionist said the notes say my biopsy came back as inadequate. They want me to go back in 3 months for a repeat, and she mentioned something about ‘TZ absent’ ???

I have asked for the nurse to give me a call back as I’m very confused what this means. Is this good or bad? Thanks

Update - I have spoken to the head nurse at the colposcopy clinic and she has explained that the biopsy was able to sample the surface of my cervix but not inside the canal. The outside was ‘on the cusp of low grade’ but they wanted me back to double check the canal.

I did tell her I was planning TTC so she said she would consider discharging for a year, but now I feel like I should go and double check! Does anyone have experience of the surface result being different to inside?

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Hi llihl13
I’m glad you got some info/ update on your biopsy. Have they told you what smear abnormal cells you had, if any? As normally if you have endocervical glandular neoplasia on your smear result then it would be an indicator of inside the cervix cell changes. If not they may just want to check all areas just to make sure. X

Hi @Hanandlee, thanks for replying :slight_smile: I just checked my smear report and it says ‘Low-grade squamous dyskaryosis.’ Does that mean no changes inside the cervix?

I don’t know if I should be relieved or more worried that they haven’t been able to check the inside. I originally went to the GP for pelvic pain and now I’m worried they’ve missed something. Ultrasound booked for next Weds too. X

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By the sounds of it the smear sample they took only showed cell change on the outside so that’s good, they prob just want to double check so all areas covered. Sometimes smears can miss the inside cells as they are higher up and even at colposcopy It’s harder to check the inside so they always like to make sure, if your worried at all ring them back and let them double check hopefully they’ll get you in quick to get it sorted for you. Good luck with the ultra sound I had one a few months ago drink lots of water drink haha are you having the internal one too x

@Hanandlee yeah maybe I will call back and ask them if they can do the follow up, she said something about the inside being missed because I hadn’t had a baby which made it harder to sample??

Ah how did your ultrasound come back? I have also recently been diagnosed with PCOS so expecting to see something on the scan. Yes internal and external. X

Oh I’ve not heard that before but would make sense my sisters smear report said tz missing and she hasn’t had kids. My ultra sound was fine no pain or anything, you have a full bladder for outside then empty it for inside thank god haha. They didn’t see anything on mine so still none the wiser why I have pain just awaiting official info on my lletz biopsy x sorry just re read my ultra sound was requested by my gp so they contacted me with the results think it was within two weeks x