Im done with treatment

Hello! I was diagnosed With CC 1/2015. I had a radical hysterectomy and 24  lymph nodes removed. 1 came back positve but only microscopic. had chemo + 29 radiations. Today, Doctor says I should do 4 more chemos as a precaution, but it will be my decision since there is a chance that there may not bee any more cancer. Im confused!? Should I do this?  I just finish my treatment 5 weeks ago. Doc says he can not do the pet-scan until 3 months from my last treatment. But even then Pet-scans can NOT detect microscopic cancer.  WHAT TO DO??????

Totally your call obviously. 

Ive just made the decision to not have an offered treatment. I also did not take up the offer of 'mop up' radiotherapy. Only you know if you've had enough. One thing I woold be asking is if you had it now would it affect ability to have it later. you need numbers to help you maje the decision. Whatever decision will be right fir you and ONLY you. I wish you a clear mind to think it all through. Chat to your Mac nurse too. I find mine very helpful.