What now???

Hi ladies 

I was looking for some advice. I have finished chemo radio and brachy for 2a cc with node involvement, with my last brachy on 24th September.  I have a follow up appointment on 16th November and my consultant says I will get a MRI at start of november. 

My question is if this is normal procedure as I thought they do MRI scans further down the line so I have convinced myself I am getting one early as my consultant suspects the treatment hasn't work.

can anyone share their experiences of what happens post treatment and shed some light on the MRI timing as not knowing what to expect is so difficult and just feel I'm second guessing everything 





Hi Kimmy,

I am no expert but that does sound a bit early for an MRI. I don't think that your consultant 'suspects the treatment hasn't worked' because apparently radiotherapy continues to work after the actual sessions have finished. I would imagine that this is because you had some node involvement and that they want a sneak preview to see how that has responded to treatment. But if it is causing you distress then do please speak with your team and ask them what it's all about.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Kimmy

I am 4 months post treatment for 2b cc, 25 radiotherapy, 5 chemo & 3 brachy, I had an MRI during my last week of radiotherapy and was advised of significant reduction, brachy followed then I had another MRI at 3 months post treatment to be given the news that I was cancer free was the best ever, I think you will find that each hospital have their own routine for our treatment and aftercare.

Try to stay positive and continue to take great care of yourself, listen to what your body is telling you, even after 4 months I still get tired and abdominal twinges.  It is a huge thing we are all going through.

Take care,

Hi, I finished my treatment on Thursday and I've got an appointment for a review on the 26th of Nov and have been told I will have a scan afterwards. I beleive it is just procedure to check how the last of your treatment had gone as I have had so many scans to monitor how things have been going throughout the 8 months I have had treatment it's unreal. It's been reasurring for me as my cancer is advanced so it's helping me to keep focused and it's worked.

I wouldn't worry about it I'm sure it's your consultant keeping on the ball so to speak to ensure you don't require any more treatment as each person is diffrent how they react to treatment.

Chin up and don't worry xx