I’m worried

I am just gone 40 and been really tired over last 10 months kept getting aches and pains back pain and lower stomach pain 

visited a&zest thought appendics but not bad enough did uss and was gallstones had them taken out

Im still getting low pains and back pains so went back to gp they previously wanted to diagnose fibromyalgia was due smear so they did this and took swabs too because I had previous cin 3 and they took most of my cervix away they struggle with smears as can not locate it previously had to be referred and also put to sleep to do it.

Im having pain after sex bleeding between periods and I feel like my period is coming often but it isn’t.

during periods I loose clots and when this happens the pain is terrible and I aren’t soft I get a lot of dragging pain and when I lay on my right side it hurts more the pain is always right low 


any reassurance or advice happily taken 

Hi hun sorry to hear you are having such a terrible time. I am sure there are ladies on here who may have had similar symptoms but obviously can't give diagnoses. You have done the right thing having a smear test and swabs and now the awful wait for results starts. Goodluck and keep in touch.

When my swab came back it said thrush but no symptoms of that.

nurse said if it doesn’t clear up your symptoms come see GP but I never knew thrush gave you low stomach pain and dragging plus the constant feel that my period is coming, back ache, bleeding between periods and after sex

still awaiting smear result 3 weeks yesterday 

her bed side manner wasn’t great this is my first smear that hasn’t been yearly so I’m surely understandably a little nervous.

she said oh it’s too early I doubt I can do it so spent ages looking then logged on a database and said oh they have invited you earlier I can.

i hate going as it’s painful and I have very little cervix to see from previous treatment 

I’m just hoping the results hurry up I just have a feeling I’m going to end up back at colposcopy 

sorry for the moan 

Called doctors yesterday and was advised I need it doing again so presuming they didn't get a good enough sample no suprise there and I would be recalled.

told them I'm not happy with that due to having symptoms so appointment with Dr on Monday hoping he will refer me to colposcopy and let them have a look