Why dont we get heard

I have been having symptoms ie back pain, bleeding between periods not like a period more spotting or visible on tissue, pain after sex, heavy dragging strange sensation down below, my periods are always on time but for maybe 6 months are heavy with clotting and really painful I cANT BEAR TO USE A TAMPON ANYMORE AS IT IS PAINFull

So I called surgery advised of symptoms and asked for a smear as almost due but said before this can you speak to nurse and explain i normally get referred due to unable to get samples.

Nurse wanted to try so did she had terrible bedside manner told me oh I no what you mean it is a funny one Ive had leetz treatment and cone so removed alot and basically she blind tested.

She also swabbed and that came back I had thrush but I have not had any symptoms of this and wasnt aware but I took the treatment.

Smear needs repeating insufficent sample so I refused nurse and repeat and went to GP

She wasnt impressed with how the nurse had handled it and said no repeat im referring you to hospital to Gynacologist (thank goodness)

She sis say isnt worried though as I had a USS to diagnose Sept 18 they decided I had gallbladder problems and removed it but the lower pain never went away but report said ovaries healthy so doctor said dont be worried your swabs showed no infection just thrush and that ties in with your symptoms

Im glad I have the referral done but it wasnt my ovaries that are worrying me its the though of cervical cancer Ive been CIN III before.

Im not worrying or panicking Im been realistic and knowing this could be possible so will not be a shock if it does would anybody else be concerned. Im 40 and dont really want to talk to any family about this as dont want them worrying and my husband is fab turned up at the Drs surgery but I dont want to make this into something to worry anybody.

Am I been foolish for making them refer me and been bossy


Choose and book referral has now come and no appointment available locally nearst is about 12 miles away and 10 weeks time

Ive put in a complaint at GP I can not wait that long and Im going to have an intial consultation privately and pay for that just to ease my mind. I should not have to do this though I feel very let down