I’m worried out of my mind

Over the past few months I have noticed some changes that have concerned me, last month, one week after my period i began to have some brown spotting for around 3 days, as well as this I have been experiencing a slight increase in discharge and the consistency has changed (egg white). Had my last period and this was normal, lasted 5 days, 2 days later and I was experiencing all symptoms of a water infection however this was then followed with red spotting which lasted for 1 day, I attended a doctors appointment and was given antibiotics, 1 day later and I was experiencing an increased volume of discharge again but this time with a pinkish tinge, i am booked to have a smear test next week and also have an appointment with my doctor for a pelvic exam. I am worried out of my mind making myself ill, will my doctor be able to see anything when they examine me? Will they be able to determine if there is a problem? I feel like my symptoms only lead to one outcome which is cc. I am terrified and I don’t know what to do or what to expect, I don’t want to have to wait weeks to find out what is happening. Around 18 months ago I was referred to a gynaecologist as I had one episode of very mild bleeding after intercourse, he determined that I had mild cervical erosion but now I am worried incase it was the early stages of cervical cancer instead. 

I also have the contraceptive implant therefore I can’t related the discharge to ovulation etc 


Hi pollypocket this is an awful time when things we don't understand are happening to your body and the only explanation we ever come up with is cancer. Please hang on until you have your smear test results before going into all out panic these symptoms could also be explained by hormones or cervical erosion. Good luck and take care x