I feel like no one is listening to me and it will be too late :(

Hi everyone, I’m sorry for the long post but I feel so scared alone and unwell and I just don’t know what to do right now :(.
So I started off having symptoms 3 weeks after my horrible smear test in March. Before that I had a thick brown discharge on 3 occasions and I was straining to go to the loo quite a lot.
So my smear was horrible it felt like she was forcing the spectrum in even tho I said I wasn’t sexually active in years (smear come back clear). She then used the medium and I was in discomfort for 24 hours almost like a uti. I took some cranberry sachets and it seemed to work.
3 weeks later I was straining to go to the loo again my own fault this time because I took an Imodium but then I noticed bloody discharge, I went to my doctors the next day and she said it was possibly from straining. Cramps stated that night and never really went. My period come 3 days after so I thought it was possibly that.
However the pain never went and I took myself to a&e on the Sunday and they said it could be trauma to my uterus. Pain never went so back to a&e on the Wednesday and had a pelvic exam from a doctor. She said my cervix looked fine and to go for an outbound ultrasound. I done that after weeks of discomfort and pain ( also clear) after that I had a lot of bloating and it almost felt like something was blocking my bowel.
Fast forward to the end of April now and I started getting watery discharge and that unbearable pain come back again I went back to a and e to be told I had a bladder infection and was given antibiotics, I was so confused how after all of that time of gps and doctors no one picked it up, I finished the antibiotics and the pain seemed to have gone
Which brings me to now :frowning: it’s been a month now Iv been awfully fatigued and dizzy and nauseous. Iv noticed a lymph node on my neck and many on my groin (they are hurting) and I also feel vibrations in my pelvic and very loud gut noises. and there is no appointments until august for the hematolagist. I’m seeing the gynea next week but Feel so heartbroken the fact it will probably too late to cure at this point. I have no children which I’m heartbroken about also I’m 32 years old and just don’t know what to do. I keep crying of the thought of leaving my family. Sorry for the long post again

Hi Tass and welcome

I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been having a hard time recently and you are clearly very anxious. I can’t offer any magic solutions but at least you have a gynae appointment next week so hopefully you will get more answers then.

You have recently had a clear smear and a doctor has also confirmed your cervix looked fine so it’s highly unlikely that you have cervical cancer.

One thing I’ve picked up on is that you mention straining to go to the loo and using immodium. Do you have a healthy balanced diet? Are you eating at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day? Do you drink enough? I’m not an expert but constipation might be a reason for some of your symptoms?

It can be very frustrating when one has symptoms and it’s taking a long time to get a diagnosis; it’s understandable that this can lead to anxiety. It concerns me that you seem to be jumping to conclusions about your health to the extent you are heartbroken about crying about leaving your family. I wondering if counselling might help? If you are in the UK you could ask ask your GP for a referral or you can self refer for NHS on-line talking therapies.



Hi Tass,

I really want to echo what Jazza has said. There is nothing in what you’ve written in terms of symptoms to suggest you have cervical cancer, but you do need help with your gut problems. Perhaps you’ve had someone in the family with cancer and this is your greatest fear? I think Jazza is right in that it might help you to find someone to talk to about your fears. In the meantime it’s a good thing you’re seeing the gynae next week and hopefully this will be reassuring and one step closer to finding out what’s going on in your body. The bladder infection would definitely made you feel tired and fatigued, as infections do. Just to add I had Stage 3 cancer (with lymph node involvement) and I felt nothing. I had no idea it was there, just some pink discharge post-menopause and intermittent very light bleeding.

Take heart! Cancer is horrible, but there are a lot of other things than cancer that can be a problem in the body and you are currently really stressed by all these investigations. X


@Jazza @Jacks133 Hi and thank you both so much for kindly taking the time out and replying to me I really appreciate it! I have read a lot of your posts and it’s so warming that you give the advice you do and I wish you both nothing but good health!
I have been so panicked is so much has happened out of the norm all of a sudden other than the bowel issues a lot of the symptoms that I have read I guess have pointed to it and I know that sometimes it doesn’t get picked up in the smear. When I went to a &e last week because I was very dizzy all day the doctor did point out that I had blood and protein in my urine so there maybe a possibility that the infection is still there, however I have had a phone call today and Iv got an appointment booked in to check my lymph nodes for next week so hopefully will get some answers soon I should probably stay off of google so much in the mean time :see_no_evil:.
I hope you both have a lovely evening! Xx