I feel like I will never be normal

Ok, so they already told you you need a (third?) LLETZ, even w/o having the findings yet? How do you feel about that?

As far as right after my procedure; he didn’t say much other than he saw a lot of mucus and that this might signal 1) an infection of some sort; or 2) worst case, a small cancer (but if it were the latter, normally it would be accompanied by more bleeding); or 3) something else entirely! I frankly didn’t need those last comments… when I am by myself it is just so hard not to imagine the worst. .:confused:

The lady I spoke to said I should receive my results in a few days, it’s has baffled me as to why they couldn’t tell me anything over the phone. Unfortunately this will be my fourth Lletz, I’m not sure how I feel about it of I’m honest :confused: just seems to be a never ending story that keeps repeating itself.
Oh I understand what you mean, it will make your mind go into over drive, I feel like that myself at the moment. Sending you a hug it’s not a nice feeling. I hope your results get back to you quickly and that all will be well and perhaps it is an infection that they can prescribe some antibiotics for. I will have everything crossed for you for a positive outcome.


Thank you Lilo, and big hugs to you too. I am really hoping that soon enough, we can look back at all this as a small blip in our lives. And no more. Xx

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Hi everyone,

So I received my results yesterday for my follow up and it’s come back with CIN2 and CIN3, as I said in previous post I had expected there to be abnormalities but still felt like a kick in the teeth with the result. I’ve got an appointment on the 24th for another Lletz so fingers crossed!
I hope you are all keeping well.

Lilo x

Oh lilo, my dear, I know it’s small comfort knowing it’s not the dreaded “c” but equally, I know how much you’ve been through already. Thank you for sharing - so you reckon/or know already it will be another LLETZ? And sending you a big big virtual hug! I hope you get lots of in real life hugs too, this ain’t easy. Xx And whatever the next stage is, may it zap it for good - I really want that for you.

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Sorry you have to go through it again keep strong hopefully this will be it for you sending virtual hugs

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Thank you so much for your reply and support, it truly means so much to me.
You are most definately right this journey is not an easy one for any of us, but I truly appreciate your support.
I received a call from the consultant today and she has referred me for an urgent MRI scan to fully get an idea of what’s going on, she has told me Lletz is now no longer visable for me as my cervix is very short and they had difficulty accessing it- she said overall she wasn’t happy with the result as the last procedure should have cleared the abnormalities, so after the MRI they will discuss there findings at the MDT meeting and go from there. To say I’m not scared would be a lie, although I’m in the right hands and it’s not the dreaded ‘c’ which I am truly grateful for.
I hope you are doing okay my lovely. Thank you for taking the time to message.


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Thank you Hop1 for your reply and support. Hopefully it will be sorted soon. I hope you are keeping well xx

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Hi Thais - I noted with interest/from another reply that you are a pathologist. I know you know, perhaps too from personal experience, that the wait for post-procedure results causes so, so much anguish…would be interesting to hear your insights on why the wait times seem to vary from long to absolutely punishing (not taking out any frustration on your profession by the way!), assuming you too are UK based.

A footnote: bizarrely, I received a letter inviting me for a follow up appointment in six months’ time. Yet I don’t even know my status! While I can’t be sure, I assume this letter was auto generated following my LLETZ. I would LOVE to think it came after a positive outcome, BUT: it arrived only days after the procedure and had no other info other than “see you in October”. Another thing I love: being kept in the dark…