Hysterectomy expectations

Hi ladies, 

I'm currently awaiting my surgery date for a hysterectomy. Tbh the waiting game is torture as I'm sure you are all aware. I've read a million things online to prepare me and set my expectations, but wondered if any of you have any advice from first hand experience? 


Sam xx 



Hi Sam,

The waiting is the worst bit for me it seemed forever to the lead up to my operation but here I am seven weeks post op (which has gone by so fast). My advice to you is take each step at a time. I went into my operation with an open mind I didn’t ask any questions as I think I was in denial but in hindsight that was my way with dealing with it. Everyone is different. It also depends on what surgery you are having. I hope you get your date through soon. Please let me know how you get on.xx


Hi Caz, 

Thanks for your reply. The waiting definitely is the worst bit. I feel like this has been going on for so long already. I called today for an update and they basically said that there isn't one. It's unlikely that they will be able to meet my target deadline of 19th Feb, so they are having a meeting tomorrow as the consultants list is unmanageable. A good few weeks still to go. Even more frustrating as I am supposed to be bridesmaid at my best friends wedding on the 23rd Feb. I can't even say with any definite whether or not I will be there. I know it's a silly thing to worry about but it is bugging me. 

In terms of the op, I have zero information on what will actually be done. I haven't even met the consultant, as I had some issues and they changed me to him. I have no idea of the approach etc. I'm hopeful of keyhole but from previous discussions I fear it's likely to be abdominal. Anyway, all speculation until I get any kind of progress I'm afraid. 

I'm glad you are doing well post op - how have you found it so far? Are you back at work etc? 

Thanks again, 


Hi Sam, 

I'm sorry they are messing you around it‘s bad enough waiting when you have a date planned but not having a date it must be frustrating especially when you have things planned. I really hope they sort something out for you soon. I had abdominal surgery my incision was a vertical one. It was uncomfortable at first but the morphine eased it. The day after my op I felt quite good ( all things considering) I sat out in the chair plus eating and drinking fine the day after I went down hill I felt so sick eventually  I was sick this was due to bowels not working. The next day I felt better and was eating and drinking small amount. I went home with a catheter in but was taking out a few days later. I’ve had a couple of UTI’s but seem ok now . You just need to take it easy and listen to your body. I started to feel more myself at week 5 post op. I’m currently still off work, I’m going back in the beginning of Feb but doing a phased return. In total I’ve had 9 weeks off. I’m going to see the doctor on Friday for HRT as I’m awake most of the night with hot flushes. Last week I got the all cllear which I’m pleased about but still struggle emotionallay as it has been one hell of a roller coaster ride. 

Take care hope you get sorted soon keep me posted.

Treatment Records

 October 25th 2016 – First smear

 November 2016 – not enough cells ( had to wait three months before going for another smear test.)

 March 21st  2017 – Second smear

 April 7th 2017 – slightly abnormal cells

 May 10th 2017 –colposcopy Biopsy 

 July 24th 2017 – Results high grade CGIN

 September 18th 2017 – treatment day loop diathermy results due in six weeks.

 October 12th 2017 – Diagnosed with cervical cancer 

 October 18th 2017 -  MRI scan

 October 26th 2017 – Appointment to discuss MRI scan results and treatment. Stage 1b1 Adenocarcinoma CC.Cancer hasn’t spread booked in for radical hysterectomy 27th November 2017 hopefully no further treatment. 

 November 27th 2017 – Radical hysterectomy (ovaries also removed)

 January 11th  2018 - follow up appointment all clear no further treatment just three monthly check up.


Yeah it's definitely the worst. Waiting on a call this morning as they may be putting on two extra date in January now, so that's thrown me a little as it is now so soon, and feeling very real. It sounds like you've done well, despite the hiccup at the start of your recovery. Glad to hear it. I'm hopeful of the 4-6 week recovery time but I know that it could just be a pipe dream, so need to plan for all eventualities. As far as I know, there is no need to remove my ovaries, which is good. I hope the HRT works out well for you and eases those symptoms. I can well believe its been a hell of a ride, I think I'm pretty closed off about this emotionally, now n again it just hits and I go full meltdown. I guess it's just gona take time once everything starts moving along for me. xx

I just had my hysterectomy. To be honest I found it really hard to recover afterwards but I got a pretty bad UTI, from the catheter I think, and after taking three lots of antibiotics I finally ended up back in hospital on an IV drip for some pretty strong antibiotics. I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy, kept my ovaries but tubes removed and I had a cystoscopy done at the same time.

I'm 5 weeks post op now and feel great. I'm starting back to work next week. My incision sites are still a little sore and I have odd aches and pains that are like period cramps but a heat pack works wonders, oh and one of those U shaped whole body pillows helped me so much afterwards. Definitely get one!

The thing I struggled with mostly was my bladder and bowel functions. They have been very different since the surgery. I know they get a bit jostled around but it really seemed like my bladder was really annoyed that it didn't have my uterus to hang out with anymore.  I had a lot of burning pain in my tummy (unsure if from the UTI or just the stitches) and I still get quite painful spasms in both my bladder and bowel. I had to be very vigilant on drinking plenty of fluids and eating lots of fibre to make it easier to go! Apparently that gets easier as they start to settle down. The hospital sent me home with laxatives which I didn't take at first until I quickly realised that i was struggling to go!  Be interesting to hear if anyone else found that.

Hope your appointment comes through quickly. The waiting is truly the worst part x