Finally a date for hysterectomy

Hi lovely ladies <3

Finally a date 16th July for my hysterectomy having it at a different hospital but with same consultant.  

I felt very happy at getting the date as I feel like I have been waiting for ages but now dawned on me that I am having hysterectomy and feeling scared that it will be worse than they thought or there's a complication.  Feel like I am going crackers these days, anyone else felt like this?

Have a scan on Saturday and pre op a week on Friday... Eeek xxx



Hi sarah

as you know I'm just starting all this so hard to relate but know the waiting was driving you mad so I'm happy you got the date.  It's not nearly on the same scale but I got called yesterday about my pet scan, I was happy to finally be getting seen but equally it dawned on me I have cancer and it's a long road ahead.


Hi there,

I think I've said before on here ,  I was more worried by the hysterectomy than by the cancer. I only got my date on the Monday and had the op on the Friday, and am still amazed at how well it went. I turned up at the hospital at 7.30am on the Friday morning, they let my husband stay with me til about 10.30. Had drugs, vaguely recall going down for the anesthetic at 1pm, next thing I knew it was 7pm and my husband was sat giggling at me as I was trying to swat the oxygen tube off my face as I thought it was a fly!!

I had a Radical Hysterectomy (key hole) with lymph nodes and ovaries removed. I didn't really have any pain at all (drugs are a wonderful thing!!) and was allowed to go home around 5pm the following day. Worse part for me was having to have the catheter in for 10 days. I'm 6 weeks on now, and while I do still get tired easily I've had very little pain or bleeding at all.

Could be that I've been lucky,  but what I'm try to say is don't worry about the op, it is literally over before you know it.

Greta xx

Good luck Hun you'll be fine xxx

Thanks Kimmy hope today went ok and you get results quickly xxxx

Thamms Greta I hope I am lucky and find it all ok. Yes I have heard tiredness lasts the longest. Xxxx

Thanks Clare. Xxxx

Hi Sarah,

I'm glad you've finally got your date for your hysterectomy.

I had my hysterectomy 3 years ago, with removal of cervix, but retaining the ovaries and have to say it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it might have been. 

Yes I was pretty much out of it for a day, with the op & morphine after the op.  I felt uncomfortable but never felt in any pain at all. and was able to go home 3 days later.

It's a big op, so just remember you're not superwoman and do what your body tells you to do, it's actually quite surprising the things you can't do, I think the one that shocked me the most was trying to push a shopping trolley 3 days after getting out of hospital !!! 

Hope everything goes well for you, and you are on your way to a full recovery very soon,

Love & healing thoughts,


Feisty xx



I am 8 days post op and i will say i wax also thinking what if ghey find more or its spread but  theh know what there doing i HAD 1b1 and its only after a few days you realise you have no cancer. I had the adominal cut but i have no pain just sore. Make sure you have seena's and mints that helped with wind and toilet x


good luck girls any questions pkeasd ask x

Thanks Feisty my little one is 14 months and very heavy so I imagine no pushing pushchair for a bit.  Nice to hear good stories thank you. 

Chris glad you are feeling ok and thanks for tips. Anybody else got any tips my friend said a night shirt would be better than pjs? Thinking of buying a light weight dressing gown and some big comfy pants. Anymore tips for my hysterectomy shopping trip? Should have been holiday shopping!


Hi Sarah :-)

So sorry it's hospital shopping and not holiday shopping, but both are equally important if you want to feel your best. Definitely nightie not pjs, and yes, a light dressing gown is no bad thing even if it's just to provide a pocket for your phone when you are walking about. Huge knickers and either harem pants or joggy bottoms for the journey home. Some have mentioned a pillow to go between your tum and the seat-belt in the car if you will be driven home at the end of it. Then of course there's ear plugs/headphones, books/magazines, peppermint tea. If you are normally a jeans person you won't be wearing those for weeks, so get yourself a fair few comfy trousers while you are out shopping.

Be lucky :-)

Thanks Tivoli some great tips here... can see my hysterectomy shopping budget going out the window ha. I have even thought I am going to buy myself a new cup for afterwards something to look forward to, so sad! 

Hope you are well Tivoli? xxx

Hi Sarah, what hysterectomy are you having? I have a vaginal laparoscopic hysterectomy a week ago today and it's nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I went down to theatre at 3.50pm on Thursday and was back on ward by 7.40pm and went home at 1.30pm the following day. I think the worse part was the gas afterwards so I highly recommend packing peppermint tea bags as they really do help, today is the first day that I feel gas free. Wishing you all the best for your op and hope you have a speedy recovery.

Hi Cher

Hopefully Laparspocic total hysterectomy, all maybes at the moment depends on size of my womb ulrasound can on Saturday. 

Wow that was quick home! I will add some peppermint tea to my shopping list any particular brand better I had some and it was disgusting. 

Thanks for your well wishes the waiting is hard I just want it over with xxx



Just to say best wishes to you Sarah, I think I will be asking the same question in a month as hysterectomy likley next step for me!

i hope all goes well for you, my recent visit to hospital filled me with confidence about the kindness and care. My favourite mint tea is Tea Pigs (£££) then Pukka Three Mint (££) - got expensive taste...


Thank you Mitch I will get some teapigs I like the finer things too :) 

It's hard waiting it's just a very long process isn't it. Xxx

Yes, a long process! I am already in the groove of 'wednesday pm is results day', I am institutionalised (who would have thought...)

Looking back at your top post on this thread a hysterectomy is feeling more and more real for me too, I will find put what they recommend next week. it is interesting to see how my feelings about it are changing as time goes by. I too have been thinking about complications, HRT and how I will feel afterwards, I suppose this is all part of the coming to terms. 

Keep breathing! 

Xx Mitch

I have been bleeding today been spotting on and off constantly but today was more (sorry for tmi) not sure if it's the contraception or the cc. And so I have a can't wait to get it out kind of day and emotional too. Got a scan tomorrow. 

How old are you Mitch unless there is a problem generally under 45 they generally say you should keep ovaries, unless ovarian cancer runs in family.




Good luck with the op Sarah, I'm waiting patiently for my appointment for mine, have my pre op assessment on Thursday so hopefully I get a date then, keep us updated on how it went, take care xx 

Thanks Shauna my date has changed 20th July now 4 more long days of waiting and first day of school holidays great!! 

hope you get your date v soon xxx

Hi Sarah and all,

Not visited for a few days (and I changed my user name a while ago, just to confuse things) but am back. Had the letter from the Doc explaining our meeting - these are very handy as I don't remember what was said. The said she will leave ovaries unless they look affected. I am 45 so could have option but am happy to have as much of me left in as possible! I was having troublel coming to terms with radical hysterectomy and have spoken to one of the gynea cancer nurses who was so understanding and pleased that I called, I'll go in and have a chat with the Doc again soon to ask some questions. Camping in Cornwall next week so I hope my pre-op isn't scheduled for then!

i appreciate the comments about the operation, thanks all, happy healing, and Sarah VERY best wishes.