HSIL pap results + colposcopy and doctors

Hello. I am a 25 year old female (26 very soon, no kids) and I recently went to gynecologist for check up and pap test. Pap test came back HSIL and my gynecologist didn’t give me any more information than that there are abnormal cells and I needed to have colposcopy and also to get the biopsy. So I went there and because my worst fears are cancer and something wrong with my womb that might affect me having children in the future (reminding I have no kids still, and would like at least one of my own in the future). So I did the colposcopy, the gynecologyst seemed to try to keep calming face still and just told me that they didn’t find any major changes but still her manner and the other doctors manner who did look too in the microscope from afar was a bit wierd and that makes me scared. Biopsy results will be back on 30th of April and because of my gynecologist who I went to didn’t give me much information (maybe trying not to scare me) is too making me scared, because I have to do my own research but have found many bad results and how it can sometimes affect fertility. So I am wondering if someone else has had HSIL diagnoses and maybe their doctor did communicate about it more, also if it might affect my fertility in the future. I really need a friend. My girlfriends don’t know anything about it and I feel that they downplay it because they don’t have experiences. Maybe I’ll find even a Facebook messenger friend/friends from here who have had too the HSIL diagnosis from pap smear and would talk about their experiences. :heart: I am so young and I never thought I would have cancer scare at 25.