HRT alternatives

I had my radical hysterectomy with ovary removal just under 2 weeks ago and was prescribed patches. Because of my age my consultant wants me on HRT for the next 10 years or so, I don’t really want it but haven’t discussed that yet. I’ve put off using the patches as I’ve not had any symptoms so far, in fact I’ve always had hormone issues and reacted to things like the pill or antidepressants quite badly, now mood wise I feel pretty good, all things considered. So that brings me to my consultants main concern, the risk of osteoporosis, is there anything I can take instead of HRT for this purpose?


My naturopath recommended calcium & magnesium taken together, ideally in a preparation with the right proportions calibrated for bone health & chelated forms.

Good luck, that’s such an important consideration for any of us not going the HRT route—I also started weight lifting which is super good for bone health.