Calcium tablets-yuk!



I am 18 months post radical hysterectomy plus ovaries and my consultant said he didn't want me going on HRT until 5 years all clear (they got clear margins and my lymph nodes were clear).  

I have been very fortunate with my symptoms of menopause - just a few sweats here and there and a little irritability at the odd time. I am happy not to take HRT and I've been prescribed calcium tablets which are revolting. I have tried a couple of different brands but they are all as horrible as each other. They have to be chewed and then I have to take a glass of water after. Twice a day. I know this is insignificant compared to what I've been through and ihters are going through but I wondered if anyone was taking any other form of more palatable calcium? Ie tablet to swallow or liquid? Because I can't stand them I am not taking them as regulary as I should. Been to pharmacist but they only offer chalky tablets.


Thank you


Hi Sunny :-)

I'm guessing this is to prevent osteoporosis? Can you not just try increasing the amount of calcium you take in your diet? Like adding milk/yoghurt/cheese. (Though I have read somewhere that dairy may increase your other symptoms like sweating and stuff. I also understand that walking is very good for the skeleton.

Not sure if any of this is of any use just sticking in my tuppence-worth really.

Be lucky


Hi Tivoli,


Yes it is to prevent osteoporosis as I was 33 when I had the op.  I do eat dairy and have found I'm putting on weight (can't win!) since then. I dog walk every day.  I'm going to ask my consultant if I can take Menopace as there are good reviews on it and have just seen there is one that combines calcium. Fingers crossed I will be allowed to take it. 

Thanks for taking the time to respond to me.


Best wishes


Hi Sunnyshiny

Not sure if this is any help but sometimes your vit d can be low which will not help calcium levels. I take adcal d3 which is calcium and vit d together in tablet form so have been spared the chalk chewable version which is yuk. Maybe worth asking doctor to check vit d levels. Just a blood test needed.

Hope this is some use to you.