HPV Type 16

Hi everyone I’m new here and just looking some support I feel very alone and embarrassed and scared… I had smear test last year which showed abnormal cells I went to appointment not long after which showed I have type 16 HPV the cells didn’t show anything cancerous but does this mean cancer is on the cards for me and if it is is it survivable I’m 26 years old and have no one to talk too would really appreciate some support please thank you :cry:

Hi Alex3,

Every sexual active people gets at least one strain of hpv from a young age. Only fact that differs between us is our immunity system. Hpv16 is acquired in the most sexual active years (20-30) and usually, the effects of the infection are seen after >5~7 years.
That is when the dysplasia appears to be seen at the microscope during a colposcopy.
Depending on the CIN grade you have, the doctors will recommend LEEP, cold knife cone or hysterectomy (if early cancer is caught <=1b2).
In most cases surveillance (CIN1), leep or cold knife cone (CIN3) will treat the dysplasia and then you will only have to test regularly at 6 months. After these, hpv will become latent and if it will ever reappear later in life, you can get laser or excisional treatments, depending on what it affects.
I know how you feel, we all felt the same at the beginning, but with time you will learn how to live with the virus.
What you have to do all your life is to follow the doctors recommendation and to try to increase your immunity (eat well, sleep well, exercise, get checked your D vitamin).
And when you feel alone, remember that 9 in 10 women have hpv.
Think of all the Hollywood actors, singers, influencers who have hpv16 and they are doing well.
I have hpv16 and I got a leep and a ckc and the tissue was still CIN1.
How are you doing now?

Good luck on you!

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Thank you so much for replying I got a colposcopy a couple of months ago as my cells are abnormal and shown hpv type 16 the cells aren’t cancerous yet but does that mean that cancer will be ok the cards for me? I live alone and don’t have many people around me and the last few days I’ve been crippled with anxiety constantly worrying about this if I get cancer am I gonna survive? If I get cancer how long will I live for all these what ifs are driving me insane

What was your Pap smear result?
The fact with hpv16 is that it needs to be monitored constantly. Hpv16 gives precancerous lesions which in time, if these lesions are left untreated will become cancerous.
Even if you leave these untreated, it still takes 10 years from the infection to cancer.
If your pap smear showed ASCUS (atypical cells) then your cells are abnormal and must be checked by a doctor. Sure you don’t have cancer with this type of smear, but it still needs to be checked.
CIN1 and CIN2/3 usually coexist even with ASCUS, but when the citology is more to LSIL/HSIL, it is not good, it means that you have more CIN2/3 and these must be treated ASAP.

Find a gynecologist and follow his recommendations and you will be fine. Don’t compare yourself with others, you could have found this hpv at the beginning of the infection, when you still have precancerous cells and can treat them easily or you possibly could be missing some symptoms (spotting, bleeding) for a long time which is a problem.