HPV + long term relationship.

Hi, I’m almost 42 and have had regular smears. I’m aware that HPV testing is fairly new. My last smear was 2019.
I’ve just had my recent smear results (well my NHS app has basic results, but I am yet to receive my letter.
The results say “Cervical Smear - Negative”
“HPV - positive.”
Does this mean I don’t have abnormal cells?
I have been with my husband for 24 years and prior to that we both only had one other sexual partner (my previous partner was a virgin, my husbands previous partner was not a virgin!). We have 100% trust in each other and have discussed tonight it must have been dormant in one or the other of us.
Husband has recently started medication that suppresses his immune system and I’m worried I might make him unwell.
I have a GP appointment tomorrow about something else but will be asking about my smear results.
There is a family history of cervical cancer in my family so this worries me slightly.

Yes, it sounds like your result is HPV positive, with no abnormal cells. You’ll get called for another smear in a year, which will check again for HPV.

Thank you.

I spoke to my GP yesterday (had an appointment for something else).

He’s confirmed I don’t have high risk HPV.