Hello, had a smear test 2 yrs ago and came back with HPV but no abnormal cells. Had another smear test 1yr later but there was a mix up with the results didnt recieve them. Found out i was pregnant a couple of weeks after my smear test so had to wait another year before i could have another smear test. Had that test in september this year and the results came back I still have HPV but also have high grade abnormal cells. I have recently been for my colposcopy and had LLETZ to remove the abnormal cells as the doctor could see there was a change in my cervix. I had really worked myself up about having it done but the nurses and doctor put me at ease and it really wasn’t as bad and painful as i thought it would be. Currently waiting for the results as it can take 6 weeks a little nervous about it. I haven’t bled alot or had alot of pain did anyone else have this?