Hpv ?????? How to clear the bugger!!!

Wondering if anyone can shed a little light on the hpv virus as ive not really been told alot. Basically i had my lletz due to the hpv causing my abnormal cell changes…lletz all done and now i go back in 6 months… i am a little worried incase i havent cleared the hpv and its caused more cell changes and il have to go through the whole process again… is there anything i can do to help get rid of this hpv ??? I dont smoke and i take multivitamins…i do seem to get colds and coughs lot tho… i am just confused by this virus ? Any info would be fantastic. Thank you :slight_smile: xx

Hi Katy,


I really hope someone can shed some light on this as it's something I think about a lot too. You seem similar to me in terms of health (I don't smoke, exercise and take multivitamins). I've always boasted about how good my immune system is; never get coughs/colds, not been off sick for over 6 years...how wrong I was!



As far as I've been told, there is no cure for HPV and it can stay dormant in your body (causing no symptoms) for years and years without even knowing youve got it. Having a good immune system keeps it under control and stops any of the symptoms (warts) popping up. When you're immune system is compromised for whatever reason, pregnancy, illness, stress.. these symptoms can start. When I was pregnant I went to the doctors with what I thought were piles, sorry tmi, but it turned out to be warts caused by hpv. As soon as my pregnancy was over they cleared within 3months. 

Staying healthy & active can help. Not smoking, taking drugs etc. I've also been told that 80% of the population have been exposed and infected with hpv, you can catch certain types (cold sores, warts on hands) just by touching/kissing. 

I don't know if there's any miracle cure but I was just told to keep my immune system good so I just try my best to do that.  So eat well, multivitamin, don't smoke,  I don't take the pill anymore. Also drink green tea meant to keep cells healthy,  eat lots of garlic as meant to be anti viral. I don't know for sure if it helps but I hope so and just do all I can to try and help myself. I also drink raw juice vege shakes from Holland and Barrett but they taste pretty vile so only having them lately if I've slacked on the veg that day. They also say after lletz it can kick start your immune system into fighting the hpv. And try and get plenty of sleep and rest if you can. Good luck x

I had to have LLETZ 13 years ago due to severe and widespread changes which had occurred in the 3 years since my previous smear.  In that time I'd gone through a period of extreme stress at work (bullying situation) and was convinced at the time that that had had an impact on my physical health and the smear result.  Over the years I've studied stress and wellbeing and I think there are a number of things with impact on our physical health; of course the obvious ones such as diet, exercise and smoking, and also stress.  The mind-body connection has been proven to be very strong (think of the impact of placebo drugs, for example).  

After my last LLETZ, I went onto annual screening and all was fine for 10 years, then I went back to the 3-yearly cycle.  In the past 3 years I've changed career and found it to be incredibly stressful, and I have to say I did wonder if it would impact at all given my past experience.  This time last year I developed post-viral fatigue and was pretty much on my knees for 3 months.  I had my regular smear in December and it came back with severe abnormalities again.  I know it's not a scientific assessment (although there is now scientific evidence available), but I am now absolutely convinced of the link between stress and physical health.

So we all need to remember to look after ourselves first and foremost!  I love the analogy that comes from the aircraft safety briefing - fit your own oxygen mask before helping others.  We can't be the best for our friends, family and work if we're not the best for ourselves first.

Key things that I know I should have been practising, but didn't, and now will (!) will definitely be around healthier eating, and will also include vigorous exercise (combats stress hormones - going for a run is one of the best things you can do, AND it also helps to build braincells - all good!) and the opposite - meditation (there is now research to show that quieting the mind allows the body to heal, and can also guard against Altzheimers and MS, and it's always lovely to relax!).

I went for my colposcopy yesterday and 2 punch biopsies were taken and the consultant confirmed there will definitely have to be treatment, but he's not sure which yet - I'll have to wait for the results.  Unfortunately he confirmed that the HPV does stay in your system and whilst he thinks there is nothing you can do to prevent return, I do believe that looking after our minds as well as our bodies is going to be a great help.

Sending much love to you all for happy and healthy recoveries and futures.


Thank you all for your replys :) 

And good luck to you all ❤ xxx