I wasn’t sure where to post this so decided to stick it here. My wife had a smear a week ago, results were low grade dyskaryosis with high risk HPV. Meaning at some point she has been infected with the HPV Virus. So a couple of questions:

  1. Would the HPV virus itself of left her now after mutating these cells? If not she is still obviously infected with the virus, meaning I am infected.

  2. If we are both infected with the virus as her chosen method of contraceptive is the pill, will we continue “infecting” each other with this virus or will it eventually leave us both?

The reason behind my questions is that I know your immune system will eventually clear the HPV virus. But if two infected people continue to have unprotected sex or sexual contact will this extend the life of the virus in the body? My main priority is getting this virus out of my wife’s body, obviously with her smear results this virus is going to cause her more problems than me and that to me is unacceptable. This little monster has to go!

Thank you


Hi Worrieddude

The cell changes that your wife has will have been caused by the HPV virus. This is the same thing that I had - borderline smear and high risk HPV in my case.

I did read somewhere that something like 80% of the population will be infected with the HPV virus at some time in their lives, so it really is very common. Unfortunately,the little blighter doesnt go away after causing cell changes. It does, however, seem that in many cases the treatment for abnormal cells kickstarts the body's immune system and enables it to fight off the virus, hence 95% of women need a single treatment and the problem is solved.

Apparently you don't pass it back an forwards between you like some horrid unwanted parcel :-) Probably the best thing your wife can do is to try to keep her immune system in tip-top condition, and hopefully she'll get rid of it fairly quickly. Oh yes, you didn't say whether she was a smoker, but if she is, help her to give up! There are proven links between smoking and abnormalaties/CC so quitting will give her body the best chance to fighting it off.

Hope that helps (and you sound like a very nice caring husband btw!)