Clearing High Risk HPV

Has anyones doctor given advice on how to help your body clear the virus? When I asked my doctor about diet & exercise I was told that there is no scientific evidence that either of these things help your immune system & the best thing to do is eliminate stress.  Unfortunately with things going on in my life that are out of my control this isn't that easy to do right now.


its a virus so like all viruses.... eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg, no smoking or excessive drinking... get plenty of sleep avoid stress as much as possible, take multivitamins work on getting a really good immune system :)



Hi, I think like anything, whatever steps u take to get rid of hpv, u will never know if it's what u did that helped or whether it would have gone or not anyway! However, i personally feel like I've got nothing to lose and want to feel pro-active so my obsessive googling has led me to think that zinc, folic acid, selenium and vit c cd be helpful in boosting the immune system, preventing dysplasia or clearing hpv. Turkey tail mushroom is a Chinese remedy that I've also started taking and I'm trying to drink green tea instead of coffee but finding it hard! If nothing else, I hope that these vitamins might partly counteract the volume of wine I've been drinking! X

This is something I have been wondering about too. It worried me that my body hadn't managed to clear the virus before it started doing harm. I don't smoke but I do what most people would call 'binge drinking' most weekends...that sounds awful,but you know what I mean...I work all week and then go out of a weekend. So maybe that is something I really need to look at stopping now. Over the last year I have been stressed and had a very low mood for a while due to a relationship ending, so maybe that has contributed. I have also read that being on he pill for more that 5 years could have been a factor. I think it's hard to avoid stress as things happen. But I think I'm going on try not to worry as much about the silly things, and just generally be more healthy....lots of sleep and up my fruit,veg and vitamin intake. Hope for the best!

Thanks guys, I'm also trying to be generally healthy despite what my doctor said, & I've never smoked, but my body just isn't shaking it.  I just want this to be over.  Thanks for the additional tips Kh27, I'll definitely give those things a go, with my stress levels being so high I know I need to do whatever I can to help myself until my situation changes - it is so bad I can barely sleep, eating is often a problem as I get so anxious & tense I suffer extreme nausea & stomach cramps even when I'm not sick (it was hard to tell if I had an infection after my LLETZ because of it), & I'm constantly drained - it's no wonder that I can't get the virus out of my system :(  My doctor & counselor have both told me I should leave my job because of the way I am being treated (& have been for over a year now), but they are so hard to get it just isn't an option until I have something else lined up.  I feel so helpless, & so angry!  All the best in beating this, xx.

Eliora i am exactly the same, i struggle to eat when im really anxious it makes me feel physically sick, just try some meditation on youtube of a evening ( it does help theres one for anxiety and depression that really helps me ) i try to take one of them soluble 1000mg vitamin c tabs a day, zinc, a good multi vitamin and recently started olive leaf extract as its supposed to boost ur immune system and ward of infections and viruses... anything is worth a try!! xxx


ps, i left a job in march that made me feel like i wanted to curl up in a ball and die daily... best thing i ever did, you have to put your health first.

I am still sooo stressed by all of this and tbh I think more people are psychologically affected than u wd think. The 4-6 wk recovery time seems unfeasible when u look into it, as do other 'facts' fed to u by drs!! I have a deep seated phobia of anything medical and this has really knocked me- have started seeing a hypnotherapist for the first time but still not great! Pm me if u like x

i agree kh27 you start doubting yourself and every little niggle especially whilst you are healing!! literally dirven myself mad recently, im so tired of it.... has the hypnotherapist helped at all?  



Aw yeah if you're not eating and sleeping properly it's no wonder your immune system is suffering.  Applying for jobs isn't exactly the most stress-free experience either so it's difficult. Have you got any hobbies outside work you could do to help you relax? Any exercise? I went for a massage last week after a stressful week of finding out I had severe dyskaryosis and having the loop to remove them. The lady said my my back was like breaking glass! The place I went was a holistic therapies place and they do various types of massage quite cheaply so ill definitely be going back there! Maybe you could have a look in your area. I have a friend who suffers from anxiety and she is on medication for that at the moment, not ideal I know but maybe it's something you could talk to your Dr about. And keep going with the counseling. And kh27 I also have a fear of anything medical...I used to have major health anxiety in my early 20s and that was when I had nothing wrong, so I've not really dealt with this well! x

As soon as i got my abnormal smear letter, I freaked out but when told at Colpo I was high grade and wd need further treatment, i imploded! Coming out of the hospital I literally wanted to smash the car up at the thought I had put myself through that but things were still gonna get worse. 2 days later I went to dr as I just wasn't coping- first time at dr in yrs and had put smear off for 3 yrs so I think he knew I was desperate and gave me propranolol for anxiety. I still feel very anxious about the future and after a drunk and tearful breakdown to a friend I have tried hypnotherapy! Its a weird one tbh- on one hand I feel that it's helping me sleep a bit better but it's kind of opened the floodgates to why I feel so intense about things!

Tell me about it....I got a call telling me I had to go in but no further info but a letter would be sent, completely freaked out in work. Letter arrives next morning saying it's high grade and I sit in the hall crying and wailing! It's then severe when I get to the colp...more crying. Wish I was less of a worrier. Hypnotherapy sounds interesting, I might look into it x

Thank you all so much for your suggestions, it makes me feel better just to have some things to try & at least feel like I'm hopefully doing something to help myself.

It's been winter here as I've been going through the worst of this, & the bad weather on top of my feeling so physically unwell has stopped me from so all the things I usually love to do to help me destress, like getting in lots of hiking in nature.

When I first found out I had high grade changes & needed LLETZ I really didn't know anything so I went straight home & googled it - big mistake as I found some very sad & scary stories that had me thinking the absolute worst.  Although I now know how unlikely it is to get that bad just thinking that it might made me realise that at some point my body will fail me, it could happen at any time, & suddenly I just don't see life the same way - everything just seems so pointless & empty, & sometimes I feel like I'll never really be happy again.

Unfortunately there is no way I can leave my job until I have found another one, & I feel that as long as I am there being kept in such a stressed & miserable state I will never beat the HPV & this will just keep happening until it does end up being more serious.

I'm sorry to hear you are all having such a bad time as well, I really didn't expect such a response *big hugs*, please keep in touch & let me know how you are all getting on, xx

You do sound as though you are stuck in a bit of vicious cycle there hun, and it sounds as though you have very low mood/depression because you don't seem to see any light at the end of the tunnel with this. Is there no way what so ever you could leave your job? Could you not do something less stressful just for a little while to tide you over, until you're feeling better and strong enough to hunt for another one that is more on the path you want? Its just a suggestion and probably one that yoive already considered. These things are easier said than done i know. But if its making you feel this low, is it really worth it. Hopefully when the weather picks up there you can start to do more of what you enjoy. I suffered with low mood the end of last year up until about April this year, and I know how it feel like it's never going to end. But you will feel better, given time. Keep seeing your counselor, spend as mich time with friends and family as you can. Try not to think too far ahead as when you say about how it could end up being serious. That may never happen and in the mean time, it's not serious and it can go away completely. One day at a time xx

Stuck is right, it just isn't financially viable for me to leave as I simply couldn't afford to live, & not only is there very little work in my area but there's alot of people competing for what few jobs are around.  Ironically though the only reason I even found out I had CIN was because I was repeatedly at the doctor for stress related issues from my job & she prompted me to have a severely overdue smear.  Thank you all again for your support & suggestions, I now have a shopping list of remedies to look for on the weekend :D

I've asked my consultant about this and she said there's nothing you can do to knock it it'll either go away or it won't. However another consultant I saw beforehand said one of the reasons abnormal cells turn to cancer is a lower immune system, by that logic id say keeping your immune system up to scratch, healthy eating, sleep, exercise, etc, while it may not shift the hpv could stop abnormal cells developing if that makes sense. Xxx

Congratulations on your successfuly cone biopsy Jojo!  Thank you for looking into it, it knocked me back quite a bit when I was told there is very little you can do, I think that the differences of proffessional opinions & conflicting research can make it so confusing, it's like trying to determine what is actually a healthy diet - this research indicates being meat, dairy & gluten free is the best thing for you, that one doesn't, this one states saturated fats are bad for you, that ones states the opposite!  Sometimes I just feel like throwing my hands in the air & eating whatever I want, & often I pretty much do!

Thank you :). I know what you mean, it's impossible to keep up and there certainly seems to be a lot of different opinions between the professionals xxx

I have no idea if any of this stuff actually works, but besides multivitamins and supplements, I've been trying to eat more white meats instead of red, plus more fresh fruit and veg, in particular berries, papaya, grapefruit, broccoli, brussel sprouts, spinach and shiitake mushrooms. Also adding lots of garlic and turmeric to meals, where appropriate, and drinking more green or herbal teas.

Most of the above fruits and veggies are high in vitamin C and/or antioxidants, or possess other potentially useful qualities to supposedly help clear HPV and fight cancerous changes. Whenever I can incorporate these into a meal or smoothie, I do. Currently having a weird shiitake and other mushroom soup, as this is my latest dietary addition. My fridge is currently full of mushrooms! Lol