How to help the body to get it off High risk HPV positive off

Hello :slightly_smiling_face: this is my first post. I have 30 years all and got my smear test around 1 month ago. The news I received are High risk HPV positive, the letter didn’t say too much, just that I was tested for high risk HPV and it was found but not abnormal cells and I need to back in one year. Should I get worry?

I’m not really active person in a sexual way, just 2 relationships until now. I’ll like to know your experiences having HPV high risk and if you body is able to clean the virus by itself, how we can help our body in this fact?

I’ve been reading about taking some supplements to help the body fight it and heal.

I’ll appreciate your help and advise, please. I was just crying the whole week
Thanks :heart::tulip:

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Hi, a HPV result can come as a shock, it did to me too, but it’s unbelievably common. Apparently over 80% of the population carry it at some point but most people manage to clear it within a couple of years. For others it can remain active or lie dormant and reappear many years later. I am 42 and I’ve been with the same partner for over 20 years so I believe mine has possibly been dormant and reactivated as this year is the first time I’ve had abnormal changes. The abnormalities are pretty severe though CIN 3 and CGIN glandular changes so things have either escalated quickly since my last smear or I’m wondering if the CGIN has possibly been missed previously as it’s apparently harder to detect.

I am also trying to clear my HPV. If you do a search there are quite a few posts with recommendations for helping to clear it. Basically you need your immune system to clear it so anything that helps boost your immune system will hopefully help. Exercise, healthy diet etc. The vitamin AHCC has shown some evidence in helping clear HPV. I’ve just started taking it and I also take a high dose of vitamin D. Good luck. x


I heard folic acid helps a lot


hi Bell, big hugs. I appreciate that this is very worrying for you, it is a big shock for all of us to be told that we are HPV positive. When we are not expecting this it is a big shock.
Honestly, do try to not worry, they have requested you to return in 1 year, because that gives your body a good chance to clear the HPV before abnormalities occur. So you don’t have to suffer treatment for abnormal cells that may never ever develop.
In all honesty the best thing that you can do is not worry, and eat healthy foods.Exercise and get enough sleep. Maybe take a look at your life and make some changes that you can stick with to be generally healthier.
I personally do not recommend a big diet change in one fell swoop, makes it much harder to stick with, look at your diet and see if there are improvements that you can make and stick with them.
Same with exercise, on days that are muggy and overcast don’t beat yourself up at not wanting to go out, or pay for a gym, make time in your routine to do some exercise in and around your home. Again, an exercise routine that you can stick with. You may well have a close friend or 2 that will want to join in with you just to be fitter.
Also, do go back in the year for another test, just to get that all clear, you can do it, do your best to stay positive.
I do appreciate how hard staying positive can be, but try and look on the test you have had as a positive, you are now aware that at the moment you are carrying the HPV virus, but, you have no abnormal cells and you are jolly well not going to get them.
Hope my ramblings help slightly, apologies for waffling



I do feel as such when I read what so many go through. I takes so much courage, but I suppose I would do the same. We get through some how dont we? There are a few trusted sources that I have used and can be useful for you- try ,, and