HPV diagnosis! Terrified


I went for a routine smear on 2nd January 2024 and on 12th January I recieved a letter in the post I fully expected to be no further action for 3 years. The letter said I have tested positive for HPV and they have tested my cells. I currently have no abnormal cell changes and they want to see me again in a year. Having never been requested to come back in a year this terrified me instantly. I had no idea what HPV even was and tried to ring my GP but they said they had no appointments to discuss it so to ring back Monday (today). I’ve spent the whole weekend terrified. Thinking I’m going to get cervical cancer now and leave my 4 children behind. I’ve cried so much. I found this website and have been slightly reassured by it. It seems to be the only website with straight forward information. It’s comfort to have this forum to come to and read others stories.

I’m not going to lie, I feel dirty and like I don’t want to go near anyone incase I pass it on. Especially to my children. I think when you think of HPV you relate it to two things. An STI and cervical cancer and these are two things nobody wants to have or relate themselves to. I’m 33 and so frightened that I could have drastic changes in the next year and then it’s too late. I’ve got so many questions. Which I will put to my gp but I’m wondering if anyone here can help me and reassure me a little I guess.

Can I get tested privately before a year? I feel like I’m going to spend the next year anxious and I already suffer with anxiety and this is just triggering it even more.

Can I find out what strain of HPV I have? Does it automatically mean I have a high risk strain as it’s been picked up?

I feel like I have strange symptoms and not sure if I’m noticing them because I know I have HPV now or if they are something to be worried about. I’ve had lower back pain intermittently for 3 years now. I’ve been putting it down to having my little boy 3 years ago and having a condition in pregnancy which meant I carried a lot of water putting extra pressure on my back. But now reading on my letter it says if you have lower back pain to contact your gp. I’ve also had irregular bleeding for some time now. I was on the pill and put it down to that and then swapped to the injection which has improved it but still irregular and spotting. And now over the weekend (since finding out about the HPV) I feel like I’ve had dull period type pains low down. I’m not sure if I’m looking for things as I’m so anxious about it or if they are something to be worried about. Of course I will speak to the gp.

I’m rambling on a bit now but I’m just so worried and looking for reassurance of other people in the same situation. I’m not on any vitamins at the moment it supplements but looking for the best ones that can hopefully help my body fight this. I read another thread and added all of them to my Amazon basket with a grand total of them being £183 :see_no_evil:

Thanks for reading if you got this far :pleading_face:

To reassure you: literally everyone on this site has felt like you. I totally freaked out in 2022 when I first was positive. HPV caused me health anxiety, a lot of worry and it’s so so expensive. Don’t bother the GP they won’t have any answers particularly. Can the helpline from Jos trust. Many many people get HPV and most clear it within two years.I get period type pains with panic too. Just think of the facts, you have no abnormal cells. HPV is symptomless. Get yourself healthy and boost your immune system. I posted my HPV toolkit listing all the vitamins etc you need on here to save you doing all the research-just search under my name. If you don’t want to wait a year you can buy an HPV test from Superdrug. I do mine every 6 months xx



Thank you for your reply. I’m trying to use my rational brain and look at the positives. It’s just that little devil in my brain making me think the worst things are to come. It was actually your toolkit I used to add to my Amazon list so thank you so much!! Ready to buy it tomorrow. Oh really? I didn’t know Superdrug did testing kits. That’s useful to know. I will buy one in 6 months.

It’s so so hard but I promise you just need to process the information and you will start to feel better in a week or two. I am negative at the moment, I was positive for the first time in 2022, negative 2023 in May and so I stopped taking the supplements (stupid idea) Then positive again end of the year after a load of stress, so back on the supplements and then negative again as of January this year. Going to keep going with the supplements this time! You will get there; get tooled up and do your best to control the anxiety xx