HPV cervical and throat - can they be linked ?

Hi everyone this is probably a really silly question! My husband has just been diagnosed with HPV throat cancer. Back in 2007 I had an abnormal smear due to HPV - had a biopsy and LLETZ. Back then HPV wasn’t really explained and the focus was regular smears which were yearly till 2012 (all fine) and since then have been 5 yearly (seems ages!).

I have one tomorrow and it’s made me think whether there is a link between the two and whether there is advice now that wasn’t given then. Thank you in advance! Xx

Hi @Anna17

Its not a silly question at all, but yes HPV that causes CC can also cause TC aswell as other types of cancer, the inside of the mouth is made up of the same squamous material thats inside our vaginas allowing it to live orally aswell as on the genitals… but in no way does this mean that he caught it from you or that its your fault, once its oral its can be passed on through kissing etc when i say kissing i mean like full on kissing with tongues carried away kinda thing lol not just a peck

Theres still alot of research to be done on HPV and throat cancer but some of your questions could be better answered here: https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/causes-prevention/risk/infectious-agents/hpv-and-cancer its american but the facts still stand

I hope everything goes well with your smear and i wish your husband a very quick recorvery :crossed_fingers::blue_heart: xx