HPV and other symptoms


Can anyone help calm me down and get me off the ceiling. I had a smear in sept which come back High risk HPV and was told to come back in a year. I’ve been having on going gynaecological issues for the last year and a half and have been under a private Consultant. i’ve had on going pelvic pain, constipation, i’ve been on the coil, i’ve had a pelvic MRI and numerous internal scans, which showed Endo, adenmyios . Anyhow as i was under the consultant i decided to have another smear done 6 months on from my NHS one. This come back HPV 52 and low grade changes. i’m having a colposcopy this week. I’m terrified that i have cancer and all these symptoms are connected. I’m totally terrified . How likely if it was cancer would it have been seen on the MRI or scans. I have scared myself to death and just have a nagging feeling something is very wrong. i’m 51 years old.

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