HPV and biopsy results

Hi ladies,

Yesterday I had my colposcopy done after being referred to the clinic by my GP due to post coital bleeding and pain during sex. 

They did a biopsy and a HPV test; she said I do have HPV and that the results will come in about 4 weeks saying which CIN it is?

I’m very worried. I’ve never had a smear done because I’m only 19, and I know it’s unlikely at my age to be anything serious, but I need some reassurance. 

I’m also having an internal scan later this year to check for cysts and fibroids as my mother had them and it resulted in a hysterectomy. 

Can anyone explain fully what will happen abo the results? 

Thank you all!

Hi, I know it's easy to say but try not to worry. When you get your results they will tell you whether its mild or moderate cell changes which you have. Generally if it's mild changes they will often just monitor you as the cells can return to normal. If the changes are moderate or severe they may suggest a lletz procedure which is where they remove the affected cells. The procedure sounds scary but it's very similar to having the biopsies taken and only takes 15mins. 

Hope that helps and good luck :-) 

Thank you inch, reassuring words there :)