What happens


i had a smear with severe changes/cin 3.

going for colposcopy on Monday and wondering what they will do at this appointment.  Will they treat at same time or is it just a case of looking and doing biopsy.  My appointment is very late in the day. 

 info appreciated



Hi Tashie just going on what was done with me, id my smear and came back hpv then send to get a colopscopy and biopsys done waited 4 weeks for the results and showed high grade cin111 and was giving an appointment for the lletz and just over that with 3 weeks, some people get it done on the same day I wasn't even giving an option, it's great if u can Get it all done on the same day as waiting for the the results is a nightmare 

Thanks Mandyxxx for Replying.


i initially went to gp cause a little overdue for smear.  Usually don't find them too bad but lasted one was uncomfortable,  also usually regular but last period was 75 days late.  Just assume it's my age and could be stating menopause.

have experienced pressure in my pelvic region and dr I see said was going to do bloods are write to my gp suggesting he refers me for a internal scan but as the next day I got my smear results so should I see gp or just attend colposcopy. 


One last question it says says they go through your history before the exam, what questions do they ask.



abnormal Smear severe CIN 3 - 25/5/17


awaiting Colposcopy on 5/6/17



I would just get the colopscopy done as the internal wouldnt check everything, be honest i wasn't asked any  questions and had the colopscopy done and then waited 4 weeks for results and then had the lletz, everything was explained what they were doing but they asked me nothing only did I bleed between a period that was all, all that was said  both was "we will write to you in 4 weeks with results" that was all, I was over due a smear with 7 years stupid me I know 

I went for my colposcopy appointment yesterday - I was told I had high level CIN3 cells that were visable and they did the LLETZ there and then.  Honestly I found it no worse than a trip to the dentist albeit exhausted today and dont feel right at all.  I get my results in 4 weeks buut she was fairly confident she had got all the cells.  I was extremely impressed with the whole service to be fair....the NHS at their best! 

Hi LizaM,

thanks for posting,  keep me informed as to how you get on.