How many LLETZ?

Hi all,

I have had three lots of LLETZ treatment over the past 10 years (HPV and/or CIN found at all smear tests, currently on yearly smears) and my most recent smear has landed me another letter saying I’m being referred to colposcopy again. I’ve never found my consultants too helpful and as it’s been somebody different each time I have no consistency of opinions from them. But I’m now thinking that surely a 4th LLETZ treatment is too much? I know I don’t even know if I need another LLETZ yet but my brain is doing all the over-thinking. I dont really know what I’m trying to ask right now but just wondering if anyone else has had multiple treatments? X

Hi @christine86

If it came to it, it really depends on how much has been removed in the past on whether another LLETZ can be offered, usually we can have upto 3 but some have been able to have a 4th treatment xx

Hey I’m in a similar situation!

Had 2 previous LLETZ 2 years apart and a polypectomy, now I’ve been referred for a third LLETZ under GA, before she even did the colposcopy, with the added bonus of another polypectomy.

I didn’t ask the question, I guess I was caught a bit off guard, but I don’t know why it has to be under GA this time, she’d made her mind up before she looked?

I understand that how many depends on how much they have to take, but I’ve spent 10 years waiting for it to come back and here we are again for round number 3, how many more? :woman_facepalming:t3:

Sounds very dramatic I know lol