lletz treatments

Hello everyone. Just wondering if someone out there can tell me how many times do they keep doing the lletz procedure. So far ive had 4 biopys and a lletz treatment which i found to be the worse thing ever( bit of a chicken me!) Just had another smear 6 months since last lletz and again its come back abnormal and ive been given an appointment for colposcopy..its getting rather depressing but i know i must go but how much more of my cervix can they possibly take?! I thought having that kind of treatment removed all the cells. Do they do a couple of goes with this treatment before they take next step or do they just keep going until there are no more abnormal cells?  Feeling rather anxious. 

Hi, I'm sorry you're going through this. I know how gutting and scary it is to experience an abnormal result after LLETZ - I've just had an abnormal result 6 months after my second LLETZ.

In answer to your question, I understand that they can do LLETZ 3 times. I had found LLETZ pretty horrific the first time and had my second under GA.

The idea of LLETZ is to remove the whole abnormal area. Did they talk of clear margins after the first? If not there might still be some abnormal cell remaining. But sometimes cells can come back abnormal even if all areas were removed (this is what's happened to me.)

Let us know how you get on, and if helps to talk please feel free to PM me. 

Take care x