How long after treatment before my body starts to get back to normal

Just wondering how long after treatment before my bladder n bowels start to settle down n get back to normal

Hiya :-)

This varies enormously from one person to the next. I would expect you to see some improvement over the next couple of weeks I think but it will take a bit longer than that before you are completely and utterly normal. Sorry I can't be more helpful than that. My treatment was five years ago and it's getting harder and harder for me to remember exactly how long everything took.

Be lucky :-)

Thanks  im counting  down the days till treatment  ends just  wanted to  know  when i will start  to get my body back to normal  at min im up 3 times a night to loo its so  draining 

Hi help me..I'm 8 weeks post treatent and for me it got worse before it got better(aches,pains..bowel and bladder went beserk) but I'm finally starting to feel myself again..I think everybody is different because I felt great while having treatment whereas some people feel ill during it.  Just listen to your body it will tell u.xx

Thsnks  i have  felt rough most days during treatment so hope fully  my body  will recover quick 

Hi helpme

everyone varies in recovery but for me my bowels took awhile, intact I still am not back to what I was before treatment. 

Around 3 weeks post treatment they did settle a lot. From running everyday to the loo to about 3x/week slowly from there I am now only experiencing a dash about 1 every other week. So, my bowels are getting there. 

My bladder is way better then before treatment as I'm not going nearly as much as I use to and am actually drinking quite a lot of water. So this is a definate bonus for me. Only thing is that my bladder will hurt abut if I hold it for too long. Trying not to but forget. 

My body aches went away after about a month with the exception of feeling a strong pulling sensation in my butt checks. i had a tough time even putting on socks as the pulling was so tight in my muscles from butt checks down to knees. I started to stretch out my pelvis and sciatic and continue this even now. I am still not as flexible as I use to be but really hope I will get there. 

My hair is finally not as dry and my skin is actually amazing. My hair down on my lady bits has finally started to grow back but is not as thick. 

It does take time and patience for things to settle. Introduce your old foods slowly as I still find if I have too much fruits or veggies I'm running to go. 

Youll get there. We all will. Stay positive!!! 


Thsnks everyone its nice  to know  i might b normal  again