How do you know when you are fully healed after LLETZ?

Hello all

Just wondering how you know when you have fully healed from LLETZ? I’m three weeks 2 days post LLETZ and I’m not bleeding, my discharge seems to have gone back to normal bar the occasional rush of water discharge but I’m not sure if this is my cycle and I’m not having any pains or discomfort. Could this mean I am fully healed or is it best to wait longer before bathing, swimming being intimate etc?

Hi @hollygirl3857

As theres still some occasional discharge, just to be on the safe side i would give it until the 4 week mark… watery discharge is a sign that we’re still healing, as its not constant it does look as though you are coming to the end but you arnt quite there yet xx

I’m looking for advice as my current GP is not giving me any advice or help (NZ based) but originally a UK citizen. The health care system is becoming more & more stretched.

In January this year 2023 I had an abnormal smear showing cin3, and had to wait till April to have a lletz procedure to the waiting list.

The lletz procedure itself was very traumatic, the doctor did not let me take a second to collect myself from crying so much, didnt care about the pain i was in & I was then left on a corridor crying/screaming in pain for 4 hours. She never checked on me & due to a long wait in ED i was sent home with no meds. I got an infection & was given strong antibitoics a week later.

Anyway i had a check up 6 week post lletz surgery, no bleeding at this point & my OS was healed & the OBGYN said everything was perfect… I was on top of the world at this point… 5 weeks ago I started brown bleeding spotting/lightly with some small clots & haven’t stopped.

I rang my GP & had to have STI tests before she even sees me even though i haven’t even had sex since before the surgery, those tests came back negative (surprise surprsie). but there is a 3 week wait to see my GP as it is.

My question is is this normal to bleed for 5 weeks after lletz even though i did stop after 4/5 weeks? Is this a side effect of the procedure? Am I ever going to stop?