How did everyone get ready?

I have posted lots but I am awaiting my pet scan next week for my final staging . Atm they have staged me at 3c :see_no_evil:.

I keep reading posts and people are starting new diets and exercising to get their body ready for treatment.

Please tell me there’s someone just as messed up as me !?

I feel like I’ve went in to total shock , I have went from being someone who goes to the gym and swimming every morning to someone who is drinking a few beers to help them sleep and I’ve also bought weed ( I don’t get on with it like they do in the movies ) so that’s kinda limited .

Suddenly my love for all things exercise is gone, mainly because as much as I can say I had any symptoms I was always a bit sore and always put it down to climbing some kinda hill or lifting heavy.

Now I’m scared to move incase I miss a symptom xx

Hey @Mel2

I’m sorry you have joined the club :frowning:
I am also stage 3c (finished treatment 9 weeks ago)
You’re defs not alone with the exercise pre treatment!!
I was in a fair bit of pain before I started so found it hard to do much at all…
I had just had a baby 4 months earlier but was so tired and had no energy, and struggled to sleep with the pain.
During treatment I also was pretty wrecked and didn’t do much, I read a lot of girls exercising and working through and think they are amazing, there’s noway I could have done that!!
I also was fit before cc and would walk 10 km
A few times a week.
Have just gotten back into exercising again and have my energy back, so hoping this is a good sign :pray:t2::pray:t2:

It’s a bloody struggle mentally as it is physically!
so Just do whatever gets you by at the moment and don’t feel any pressure to do things a certain way, soon you will start your treatment and any pain will start to subside for you.
Once treatment is over you can get back on track when you get your energy back.
Good luck with you PET scan.

Amy xx

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Hi mel2
I felt like I had been slammed into a brick wall mentally when first diagnosed. As soon as my treatment started I started to think OK this is going to cure me. My fear subsided and I went through treatment fairly easily. I got a grip on my fear and panic. You will too. I remember the fear well. I’m sure most of us do. It will pass and you’ll concentrate on getting healthy again. x

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