Hospitalised after 2nd LLetz

Hi Everyone this is my first post on here since my journey started, I have been reading lots in the back ground and its really helped and helped me come to terms with it all. Just wanted to see if anyone else experienced what I have.

Brief background i had 3 smears in a row for the last 3 years as came back with HPV, last smear showed abnormal cells and CIN3. Had my first lletz not long after(I just thought I was going in for a check up) took biopsy and sent it off, received phone call 3 weeks later saying to come in and came back as cc 1A1. Just had my 2nd lletz on Monday I was bleeding during it she said about scar tissue and thought it would stop. Seemed okay then went home and I was bleeding very heavy like a tap so my sister rushed me back to hospital. They stopped the bleeding in the end I had to stay overnight and had packs put in for pressure. I fainted due to loosing so much and blood pressure was very low. Been signed off work for 2 weeks now, on strong antibiotics and just feeling very tired and weak. Now I’m going to be waiting for result of 2nd biopsy as there was only a clearance of 0.5cm instead of 1cm.
No MRI has been requested from 1st lletz. I just want this to be it as I don’t think my body can take much more as it stands atm. I have my daughter so I have completed my family.
just thinking what are the chances this 2nd biopsy will come back with something bad in it then im guess will be a hysterectomy…

I like hearing peoples stories so if anyone can put my mind at ease or just say their experience I would be happy to ready. I turned 30 few months back not been the best year so far!

Sorry for the long read, thank you for reading if you got this far :slight_smile: :smiley:

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Hi, currently living in Spain where healthcare is very different. Early retiree so health care initially private. Smear test result cin 3. First abnormal result in 59 years After colposcopy , conisation op performed. I had to pay for the operation myself, 2500e, as the private healthcare would not cover. This was 2019. Then came covid. Unable to get follow up smear test for 12 months. Test results came back positive for HPV, and second conisation performed in May, now under public health care. Follow up appointment and result from biopsy, full hysterectomy recommended. This was performed in May. 3 weeks later, started bleeding heavily. Went to A and E kept in overnight, taken back to theatre and 2 more stitches put in under GA. Results after op, CIN 1. Follow up appointment in 6 months. Must mention, no symptoms for any problem at any stage. All operations were very straight forward and very little pain. Extended recovery period after hysterectomy due to setback at the 3 week stage. Found recovery period very long, but had to be sensible and definitely no lifting. Happy to answer any questions.

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